Engaged off Bourbon Street


Engaged off Bourbon Street (Jade Calhoun Short Story, Book 3.5)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This was a perfect entry in the Jade Calhoun saga as she moves forward with her new life in New Orleans. This was an intimate look at all the mains as they come together to help Jade and Kane celebrate. Everyone is feeling the holiday spirit and Jade is just happy to be able to share her happiness with those she loves. Even though it is a short story it has the impact of a full length novel in both plot and character development. These characters are true to who they are and even though there are background people, who are never heard from, things move quickly from start to finish.

Jade and Kane are having their engagement/Christmas party at the house in the bayou that he did not really go to until he met Jade. Jade made a promise to Pyper that she would string mistletoe all around the house to make sure she had a chance to kiss Ian, and she has misplaced it. In order to locate it Jade decides to use magic, and we know how that can go for her. The spell is cast, the guests arrive, and the mishaps ensue.

This was a nice quick read that made me smile and shake my head. You would think Jade would learn, but then if she did we would not be so entertained. I would say fans should definitely read this!


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