Got Your Number


Got Your Number

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This was a nice story and all but things were a bit slow for a long time as the characters were being introduced and made more real. They were still not fully fleshed out but a couple had made themselves very annoying for most of the book. The plot was really good once we get into the heart of things and the fact that there is more than one thing happening makes it even harder to figure out what is really happening. There are some laugh out loud moments and a few where I just had to stop and go ‘what?’.Roxann Beadleman came from a broken home and it affected everything in her life as she grew up. She attended Notre Dame along with her cousin Angora and something good and bad happened while they were there. Roxann graduates with honors and instead of going on to bigger things she ends up eking out an existence as she works as the middle person in rescuing abused women and children. One rescue is causing her more trouble than usual because a cop is trying to find the woman along with her crazy ex-husband.

When her house is broken into she decides to head home for a while which ends up sending her on a trip down memory lane she could have done without. Going back to school is never a good thing.

I like the writing style and the fact that even though the situations could be serious there is always an element of humor present to lighten things up.

“Roxann, have you ever wanted to kill someone?” At the eerily serious note in her cousin’s voice, warning bells chimed in her head. “Everyone has moments of extreme anger,” she said carefully. “No,” Angora said, her gaze locked on Roxann’s, her pupils dilated. “I mean really kill someone.” In her lap, her hands convulsed. “I think I could kill Trenton and not feel a bit guilty.” A chill tickled the back of Roxann’s neck as she recalled moments in college when she’d questioned Angora’s stability. “Passion is a powerful emotion. Sometimes it can feel like hate instead of love.” But Angora seemed to be somewhere else. “All I know is that I put my life on hold too many times because of promises men made to me.” Her voice had taken on a bitter tone. “What makes the beasts think they can use a woman and then toss her aside when she becomes inconvenient?”
Stephanie Bond, Got Your Number Stephanie Bond