The Witch with No Name


The Witch With No Name (The Hollows #13)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I hate to see a favorite series end but if it must then this is the way I want it to go out. I am so happy that Kim Harrison saw fit to to actually tie up all the loose threads that had come into play along the way. This was an exciting and tense entry that was well crafted and made for a great send off for Rachel, Ivy, and Jenks as they started to go their separate ways. The world inhabited by our people has always been vivid and very real, both reality and the Ever After.

Rachel made a deal with Cormel that she would find a way to return the souls of the undead vampires, because she was looking for a way to save Ivy. Cormel has become impatient and wants it done sooner than later. He makes an attempt on Ivy hoping to push Rachel into working faster. Rachel goes to the man who tried to kill her with the elves Goddess, Landon, for help and he pulls as fast one on her.

Rachel and Trent end up in a race to save not only Ivy but the source of magic as well from a madman who thinks he can destroy it and bring it back. Trent is also dealing with Ellasbeth again and trying to come to an agreement.

There is a lot going on and it may seem chaotic but it is what you would expect from these characters. Rachel does work my nerves a bit with her self-pity parties every step of the way. But I got the HEA I wanted and for me that is the best thing of all.

If you have been a fan of the Hollows then you cannot miss this! I would recommend it to everyone, but start at the beginning.  😀


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  1. I keep saying that but I need to catch up on that series – I’m so glad it goes out on a great book 😉


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