Exiled (Brides of the Kindred #7)


My rating: 5 of 5 stars


It’s kind of obvious that I love these books and am always happy to read a new one. I have not been disappointed yet and will be continuing as long as they do! This was another great entry in the Brides of the Kindred series as far as I am concerned. From the first sentence I was ready to sit back and be taken away on my adventure to the stars. The story as always flows perfectly with multiple story lines to keep you aware of what is happening with all your favorites. The language is fun and flirty at times and at others deadly serious when needed when it suits the character. The characters themselves are well fleshed out, including the new ones, and have personalities that are diverse and give them a life beyond the page.

Lissa and Saber were raised as brother and sister when Lissa was orphaned as a child. By the laws of their clan they are not allowed to be together as mates, something that both of them want more than anything. Lissa is banished to First World and becomes a Priestess of the Goddess while Saber stays on his world and is being groomed to be the next Chieftain.

Lissa volunteers to make a trip to Yonnie Six in order to bring back scrolls which had been stolen and sold. These scrolls hold the key to getting rid of the Hoard and ending the darkness. When Saber hears this he asks to go with her so that he can protect her and make sure that she returns in the same condition she left in. Neither are prepared for what they will have to do in order to procure the scrolls and get away with their lives. Yonnie Six is a decadent planet where women use men as slaves, both sexual and domestic, and brutality is a way of life. Shy and reverent Lissa will be posing as the Mistress of Saber, her body-slave, and will have to get closer than either thought they would be able to.

Meanwhile, Draven has hatched a plot to cause chaos on the mothership and is using L a shadow caster who has her own reason for hating the Kindred. Together they hope to get revenge for the perceived slights that they both have sustained.

This was an exciting book that kept me on the edge for most of the book. I was ranting at it when I thought something I would hate to see happen seemed about to occur. I got a good laugh at the craziness on the mothership and felt for them as well. I got to catch up with characters who I have come to really like and appreciate. Not to mention that there were some really good, hot sex scenes to sink into. Love this series and hope it does not end soon!