Hunted by Treaty


Hunted By Treaty (Qui Treaty Collection #3)

I received a free advance review copy in exchange for my honest review.

As has been the case since the first book, this one is perfect in every way. The characters are richly portrayed and make you like them from the moment you meet them. The story while similar to the others is just different enough to keep the interest in what is happening in that world. I was immediately drawn into the story and the lives of the people on this new planet with a twist. I really like this series because the characters are so interesting and full of contradictions. They hate what they love and cannot fully reconcile the feelings sometimes but still move forward.

Raiss Tyrone escapes from his K’lahn captors and goes on the run in hopes of getting back and rescuing his team. He finds himself on a planet inhabited by humans and K’lahn seeming to work together. What he has found are some of those originally abducted from Earth in the first K’lahn raids and taken to be used as slaves in the mines on this planet. As he makes his way across the planet he finds only a lone half-breed girl willing to help him.

Crendea is the child of a human woman and K’lahn man. She hates what she is because she feels that she can never be accepted by humans or K’lahn’s fully. She has been able to keep from changing through sheer will but when she becomes stressed it becomes harder to do so. When she spots Raiss her first thought is to help him get away before he can be captured by the Qui who have come for him. She does not expect him to be much different from those she knows but finds someone who seems to understand who she is and how she feels.

The men here are all Alpha males but they also have a soft side, they actually cry, which can be sexy in its own way. The women are usually very strong, and this is no exception because she lives her life being mostly shunned but does so with dignity. The heat level was taken down just a bit but the story made up for it. Do Not miss this!