Angel 6.0: Enslaved


Angel 6.0: Salvage (Angel 6.0 #3)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I received a free advance reading copy for my honest review.This was a great adventure with a girl that I am coming to like more and more. I had thought of Angel as childlike, which she was when this started, but she is maturing the more she is exposed to the world outside of Nugene. I like that the characters are becoming more clearly drawn as things go forward from book to book. The world they inhabit is more complex than you would at first think, but as you jet across the galaxy you see that not only the humans have a strange culture happening the Gran have their own way of viewing the world that may seem different but is actually quite similar to human culture in many respects. Everything is continuing to move forward smoothly giving a great trip through the cosmos as well as into how Angel is able to survive.

Captain Cronin comes for Angel on Cesar’s ship and is not planning on leaving her behind. Angel has had nice respite from dealing with overbearing Cat but has no choice but to return to him if she wants Cesar and his men to live. Before they depart Angel helps Cesar set up negotiations for trade and gives herself another chance to see him. Then it is the long ride to the Gran home world she must endure as Cronin continues to use her.

The Emperor and Empress are very impressed with Angel and invite her to stay with them while she is on their home world, keeping her away from the depraved Cronin. She becomes close to both their daughter and son who make her separation from Cesar at least bearable. But then she is once again on the ship for the trip for the negotiations and though she looks forward to seeing her man she still must deal with the insatiable Cat on the journey. Angel has endured a great deal since being taken from her home, how much more will she need to endure.

Angel has become a strong character who is able to work through whatever is tossed her way. The sex is usually very hot, whether inter species or just straight. The story pulls you in every time because you really have to find out what is going to happen with this woman as her intergalactic odyssey continues. It just keeps getting better and better. Do not miss this series!

**The title of the book  on Amazon is Angel 6.0: Enslaved, the title was changed after the I received my copy.