Hers To Command


Hers to Command (Verdantia #1)

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I got this book a while ago when it was suggested to me but never got around to reading it until now. It may have taken me a while to read but it was well worth the wait. I totally loved this and cannot wait to get to the next one! I fell into this world from the moment I stepped into it and did not want to have to leave. The world was so richly drawn with a planet which had a personality and love for those who lived on it. I liked all the characters including the bad guys because they were all so well fleshed and compelling. The story is told from various points of view not just that of the central characters and because of this you get a fuller look at what is going on with everyone involved.

Verdantia was settled long ago by a group of people who found out that the planet they had chosen to live on was itself alive. Verdantia is sentient and reacts to certain genetic traits by aiding in the protection of the people. But because some had become lax in their rites all the planet must suffer after they were invaded by the Haarb, a warlike race which wants to possess and use the bounty that exists on Verdantia.

Ari stayed away from his home for 15 years because he could not stand the thought of marrying someone not of his choosing, but returned to fight for the planet and people that he loves. Doral is a spy and assassin who is assigned to Ari and fights for and with him. Queen Fleur will do anything to keep her people safe, even risk her life in a ritual. Three people who have no idea that together they may be the only hope for their home.

I was so surprised by the concept but it actually made sense to me. I am not always comfortable with MM relationships in books but this not only had me comfortable I think I enjoyed it almost as much as the characters. The scenes were scorching hot but held a lot of tenderness as well. The combination of heat and real love made this a great read. The relationship between our three main characters drew you while the intrigue kept you guessing. Looking forward to the next one! Recommend highly!

“Madam, you can’t be more desperate than I.” He wound his arms around her and grunted. “The evidence is drooling on your stomach. I have not lost this erection for five days. Doral looks at me and winces. You have obliterated my dignity in front of my staff. I have become a laughingstock, a by-word for ‘pussy-whipped male’. Every time I walk into a room, the conversation dies. I entered the mess hall, yesterday—530 officers and enlisted men. Silence, Fleur. Dead silence.” She sniffed. By the gods, this must be a unique experience for him. I’m certain he has never been the butt of the joke before. “I don’t think you appreciate the torture and humiliation you inflict. Do you know how uncomfortable it is to ride a horse when I’m like this? Do you know how disconcerting it is to discuss cavalry deployment with Major Truillo while I’m sporting a cockstand to rival a stud horse? I couldn’t get the man to look me in the face. Worse, he thought I reacted to him.” She nuzzled her face into Ari’s chest and tried to contain her amusement. Her imagination supplied the picture of the very handsome, very homosexual, very short Major Truillo standing with covetous eyes riveted to Ari’s substantial erection, all the while discussing the dry topic of cavalry placement. “For half an hour all I saw was the top of his head.” He paused for a moment then threw out, “He has a bald spot.”
Patricia A. Knight, Hers to Command
“Fleur to Doral:
“My love for you and Ari cannot be measured in words. It can only be measured by what I will do for you. Absolutely anything. By what I want for you. Absolutely everything. I would move Verdantia from her orbit to defend you from all that would hurt you.” She rose and crossed to him, sliding into his lap and snuggling into his broad chest. She hugged him fiercely.”You are mine, Doral, every bit as much as Ari. Those who hurt you do so at their peril.”
Patricia A. Knight, Hers to Command