White Trash Zombie Apocalypse


White Trash Zombie Apocalypse (White Trash Zombie #3)

by Diana Rowland (Author), Allison McLemore (Narrator)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Angel Crawford is back with her group of friends, family, and almost boyfriend. As is to be expected this was another great read with humor, mystery, revelations, and death. The story was fun and fast paced with enough new characters and old to keep things more than interesting. The plot is continuing to advance with new elements being added with each telling as we get more information on the characters and the forces they are aligned against.

They are making of all things a zombie movie in town at the high school with lots of extras. Before things even get going well there is a death on the set and Angel goes out to collect the body. But things are never as simple as they seem and soon Angel finds herself in the middle of another mystery that she will need to solve or risk losing her freedom or life.

I went through this quickly because I was engrossed in the story and wanted to see what would happen next to this girl who has made such changes in her life. Zombies have more of a life than a lot of people in this town. You have to read this series!


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