Dragon Rising


Dragon Rising (The Hidden 0.6)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I really like the stories of the Hidden and hope they continue for a long time. The characters are well thought out and have personalities that are recognizable. The world they inhabit is ours with a few tweaks to its history that make it fit the origin of the characters.

Lyra Slade is continuing the search for her father that she called her brother Kirin home to help with. She has not told Kirin that she has found a clue and will be following up on it on her own, since he has reconnected with his old girlfriend. Lyra is put in touch with Archer Grant, a Caido, who has a brother with the type of car she saw outside her father’s house.

As they start to investigate together it becomes more obvious that though Lyra has heard Caido’s have no feelings, she may be mistaken. What they find makes no sense to them at first, but someone feels they are getting to close and things get dangerous. The danger however is not only external.

I was so glad that the story was not only continued but had a great ending. This is a good series that should be enjoyed.


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