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Extinction Age (The Extinction Cycle Book 3)

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Here we are at book number three and things just keep getting better and better. I am so invested in this series that I cannot bear to have any of the characters hurt or even worse. The characters are true to life and make it very easy to feel for what they are going through. I even understand some of the science stuff that is talked about because it is not over the head of anyone. I am totally loving the action and even if I want to scream at them sometimes it only means that I have found my fully into their world.

When we left off last time Reed and Jensen along with other members of Team Ghost had been dumped into the sewers underneath New York as the rest of the military evacuated back to Plum Island. Things did not look good for them as they found their way through the maze underneath the city. I will say that everywhere they go they seem to find survivors in the most unlikely places.

Kate is still feeling as if she is responsible for the death of the world, even though she made it at least a little safer. Major Kennor finally takes responsibility for his mistakes, though its to little to late. And they are back to needing Ellis and Kate to come up with a way to save them all.

The tension and horror is ratcheted up ten fold as changes come to the Island and to the world around them. They are working to survive for each other and for their friends. I have to say again that Reed is my ideal man but if Fitz were a little older I could go for him too. Death, destruction, loyalty, betrayal, and bravery. These are things they deal with and it is exciting to get to be a part of it.

If you have not read this series you have no idea what you are missing, so you should remedy that right away. Extinction Horizon is where it all begins but the story is far from over here.Enjoy!

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