South Beach


South Beach (Hot in the City #4)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was another nice story in the series that gave us a look at someone not directly linked to the March sisters but who was in Las Vegas with one of them at the same company. The characters as just as well laid out as usual and you will either like them or hate them. The set-up is familiar but at least different enough that you do not feel like you are reading the same book as before with different names, which could happen when things are close like this. The local is another that made me want to go and lay out and just enjoy the sun and gorgeous men.

Holly Pettit’s life took a turn that she never expected when she was an idealistic 18-year-old working for the summer at a South Beach Hotel. After that summer her world fell apart because of a man and the course of her life became something that she has not been exactly proud of since then. Trey Kennedy is the man who made her love him and then suddenly left her life without a word.

Holly and her friend take a vacation at the Imperial Palms Hotel where they both worked ten years ago never expecting to run into Trey. But while out at the pool who comes along and seems to still be working there but the man himself.

This was very hot and not for anyone who does not like some heat with their tale. The love story was a little thin but that was alright because it still worked.Quick read for a lonely night.”>View all my reviews