American Vampire


American Vampire (Vampire for Hire #3)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This was another good entry in the life of Samantha Moon, a woman who makes me proud one minute and wanting to choke her the next. The characters and plots get more interesting and intricate with each new book and the addition of new characters make it even better. The flow is always good with the story moving along effortlessly from place to place and person to person.

This time Sam finds herself with a case she did not seek out but that she wants to solve very badly. A call from a child who said her mother has been killed and she is with the man who did it. She has also met her cyber buddy Fang in the flesh and finds out that he has been stalking her for a while because of clues she gave him. Her life is further impacted by the illness of her son which is serious and makes her think of doing the unthinkable to save him. This is not the best week she has ever had.

There are always multiple plots playing out and that keeps thing fresh and moving. It is very much like real life because in life we don’t just deal with one thing at a time but sometimes more things than we want to. These books give a very real look at the world. I seem to like Kingsley more than Sam does, since she seems to have a child’s view of the justice system where only good people get to have lawyers. I don’t trust Fang yet, but maybe he is not as bad as I think.

If you have read the first two you are going to like this one.

“Kingsley got up, and as he did so, he flashed me the goods. Whether he meant to or not, I don’t know…but holy sweet Jesus. Did I really just see that? My God, how did he walk around with that thing? Kingsley, defense attorney, werewolf—and now, apparently, pervert—sat next to me and gave no indication that he had just given me the mother of all peep shows. “I’m going to let you in on a little secret,” he said, and knocked back the rest of his wine like it was booze-flavored Kool-Aide. “It’s not a secret,” I said. “And it ain’t little.” “Excuse me?” “Never mind.” But I caught the smallest of shit-eating grins on his face. “Go on,” I said, shaking my head. “And this time try to keep the robe closed.”
J.R. Rain, American VampireJ.R. Rain