Erotic Diaries of a Warlock


Erotic Diaries of a Warlock: Book 1 of 3

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
This was nothing like what I was expecting when I bought it. I cannot say that I particularly liked it but I did not totally dislike it either. There was no true story here that I could find. I mean it was supposed to be about this person finding out who he was but I could not follow completely because it did not go in a linear fashion. This is supposed to be being written by an actual Warlock, but if that is the case he should have gotten a ghost writer. There was simply not enough of a story to keep me from being bored and stopping and starting multiple times. The narrative was kind of disjointed and did not flow well from chapter to chapter or even within them in some instances.

This is the story of Justin, as he is to be called, and his journey to find himself as a warlock.

This has the word erotic in the title and I did not really find it to be so at all. I was actually a bit disturbed to find scenes between a prepubescent boy and older woman in sexual situations. I could not in recommend this to anyone. I will not be reading the next two books if this what I can expect. No real story, no heat, no interesting moments.