Sexy as Hell


Sexy as Hell (More Than Men #1)

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
I’m kind of torn on the rating I want to give this, so I am going with 3.5. This was basically a good story from an author I had never read before and so wanted to try at least once. The characters are not fully defined as to who they are and the story does not seem fully realized. I wanted more about what was actually going on and maybe some background on the characters that we meet so abruptly with only minimal explanation. The dialogue works well and at least makes them feel like a part of the world.

Seth was about to die when he was given the choice of becoming immortal and working for the Archangel Michael or facing his fate. For fifteen hundred years he has fought demons and sent them back to hell as an immortal warrior in the service of Michael but things are about change. Seth is being targeted by a succubus who has managed to find him and knows who is and wants to take his soul. The problem is that the temptation is going to almost more than he can resist.

The sex scenes were nice but not really hot as I expected. I liked Seth but would not have felt totally let down if he had died. Camille I had a hard time warming up to because she was such a blank slate as far as who she was. I still think it is worth reading and I will be reading the next book because it sounds pretty interesting.