Deadly Quicksilver Lies


Deadly Quicksilver Lies: A Garrett, P.I. Novel (Garrett Files #7)

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
I love Garrett, have ever since I read the first book and always want to read more. This time while I basically liked it I was not taken away with this particular story. Everybody seemed lackluster and the story was not very interesting. I missed the Dead Man in the overall story since he gives a kick to everything going on with Garrett. Dean was another missed figure for me since he makes Garrett so crazy by running his house like it was his own and not Garrett’s.

Bottom line, I enjoyed it because it was a Garrett tale but did not because the story was not very engaging. But I will be reading the next one because they have such interesting characters most of the time.

“Pull up a step, Ace,” I told him. He did, but he had the fidgets. He kept looking for his lucky exit. I told him, “I didn’t really want you. But I can’t get ahold of Winger.” Not that I’d tried. “What? Who?” “Your girlfriend. Big blond goof with no common sense, always has an angle, never tells the truth if a lie will do. Her.” “Part of that fits everybody in this thing,” Morley said. “Even up on the Hill, they turned the truth to quicksilver.” “Untruths, too.” “Quicksilver lies. I like that.” “Deadly quicksilver lies.” I spotted friend C.J. Carlyle. “Look who missed the slaughter at Maggie Jenn’s place.”
Glen Cook, Deadly Quicksilver Lies: A Garrett, P.I. Novel Glen Cook