Score (St. Martin Family Saga: Whiskey Cove #1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This is my first book by this author and so I am pleasantly surprised to find that I have once again picked someone who speaks to me. This was a story with more than just a heat level, it had a social conscience as well and used it to perfection. When you can educate and entertain in one forum I am all for it, as long as the balance is maintained well. The characters are realistic and full of life, making them more accessible as someone you might know or be willing to hang with in your world as well as theirs.

Chloe Mills has loved/hated Caleb St. Martin since they were children and he treated her so badly with all his tricks and barbs. The last person she would expect to hook-up with would be him, even after a drunken night in Vegas, but never say never. Chloe wakes up after a night out in a seedy motel with the neighbor from hell naked next to her, and she cannot seem to remember how they got there.

Caleb/Cal has known Chloe all their lives and knows exactly how she feels about him, and she has good reason. He does not feel bad about their night together and has changed from the boy who tormented her into a man who may want to have a life with her. The problem is she has not forgotten his cruelty and may never forgive him for his boyhood stupidity.

This starts the stories of the St. Martin brothers who are gorgeous, hot, alpha males who have more women than they can handle, then the one walks into their lives. Loved this because it was also about raising awareness on ALS, a disease that does not always get enough of the spotlight. But do not think it was not also a very hot and sexy read. I would take any one of these brothers at the drop of a hat! Definitely worth the time.

“He bent his head as if meaning to kiss her, but stopped short. With his mouth hovering over hers, he said, “I want you.” Chloe gasped and her chest rose and fell rapidly. She whispered, “I want you too, but I need you to be clear on something.” Her voice was determined, and Cal was disoriented as he was yanked from the cusp of passion and thrown into stark reality. “What?” “I don’t want you making fun of me like when we were kids. I’m not a girl anymore. I enjoy sex, but I won’t ever let you touch me if you bully me like that again.” Cal was dumbfounded. He stared at her, mouth wide. Had she been harboring resentment all this time? He didn’t remember what he’d done, yet she was clearly still upset about it. He couldn’t imagine hurting her now. Had he then? He swallowed the lump that formed in his throat. “Chloe, I’m sorry. I never intended to upset you. I was a child. You’re definitely not a girl anymore. I intend to treat you as the beautiful and seductive woman you are.”
Gina Watson, Score  Gina  Watson