Divided (Brides of the Kindred #10)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have been in love with this series from the very beginning and it just continues to get better. While each story has a different couple or trio, you are still able to check in with the couples that started it. The story is always interesting with an element of danger or something to be overcome in order for our people to get together. The planets that are visited are well constructed and fit in with what you would expect to find out in the big black of space. Cultures that are different but in many ways similar to ours make it easy to feel for what happens with them. And everything always moves forward and creates more story to follow.

Truth and Far are Twin Kindred who were separated at birth and grew up without their other half, something that is bad for this type of Kindred. While Far was raised on Twin Moons by an adoptive family he was still alone, without his brother or other real family. On the other side of the galaxy Truth was being raised on Pax in a society that frowned on everything that he and his father were. Far finds his brother but is disappointed when he does not seem to care for him or want a connection.

Becca stumbled into the middle of these two after eating a piece of bonding fruit cake at Kat’s wedding to her twin warriors. When she has an experience with the Truth and Far in the Sacred Grove she decides that she cannot take her vows to become a nun. Because of her upbringing she wants to choose between the brothers not realizing that she is doing harm to them by making it easy for them to stay apart. When they share a vision of the unmated males and a threat to the mother ship they must work together to keep it from happening. In the process they find that being together may be what they all need.

Another great book that gave plenty of tense moments where anything could have happened. There are some very hot encounters between our reluctant trio that made me wish I could participate. You cannot go wrong with the Kindred, these warriors are everything you could possibly want. Start with Claimed and read on through.

“Kat sighed. “Well, the first thing you’re going to need to do is keep in contact with both of them. Touch them a lot—and I do mean a lot—or you’re going to start getting sick.” “What? But I can’t,” Becca protested. “That’s what got me into this in the first place. And besides, every time I touch them, especially together, I keep wanting to…to…” She broke off, blushing. “Get down and dirty again?” Kat said sympathetically. “Yeah, I get it. Your body wants the full bonding experience. In fact, that’s probably what you ought to do.” “I don’t want to,” Becca said stubbornly. “I mean, Truth is on board with it and Far has always wanted the three of us together. But what happens when I have to tell my parents?” “Ask yourself this—who would you rather spend the rest of your life with?” Kat said. “Your parents or your guys? If you’d really rather move back home and never see Truth and Far again…” “No, I…” Becca put a hand to her throat. “I couldn’t. That…that would be awful.” “See?” Kat said. “Your heart knows who to choose even if your brain doesn’t.”
Evangeline Anderson, Divided Evangeline Anderson