by Stephen King (Goodreads Author), Steven Weber (Narrator)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I have read this book 4 times and enjoyed it every one of those times. This reading was different because I got to hear it in a different way. Steven Weber did a great job of conveying the feelings of the children and the menace that was projected by It in all Its guises. The book is epic in how it handles the fright of the kids, the disintegration of their safe world, and how they handle something that would drive an adult crazy. There are also some low-key references that a true fan of Stephen King novels will pick up on more readily when listened to it.

In the summer of 1958 seven children were drawn together by an evil that had festered in their town long before they were born. Each of them had experienced a frightening apparition that they could not explain and did not want to believe was real. People, kids are dying or disappearing and nobody knows what is happening.

Fast forward 27 years and those seven kids are now adults and being called back to finish what they started. But can they really best a creature that has only been truly seen by children or are they going to their deaths.

What more can be said other than I love this and while it is not super scary, it is creepy, and disturbing on a lot of levels.