Submit By Treaty


Submit By Treaty (Qui Treaty Collection #4)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I find myself totally absorbed into these books and wanting more and more to keep participating in the lives of the people involved. The characters continue to keep my interest because they have such emotional depth to them which brings out their personalities. I love the fact that while you know the human and the alien will submit to the other in one way or another it is never an easy transition, giving us a look at how individuals find their way to understanding each other. The language continues to work for the characters and conveys their feelings and emotions effortlessly.

After locating and rescuing Raiss Tyrone, Commander Meseri is happy to have him on board as she attempts to capture his friend and team-mate Zeus Windsor. Zeus has been on a killing spree since getting away from his captors and is considered extremely dangerous. Even with the help of Raiss it is not easy to subdue Zeus who has become mentally unstable while being held and tortured by the K’lahn and then the Surashan.

Lieutenant Zeus Windsor was once in line for the British throne, though way down the list, but is a good soldier who has been broken by his captivity. When he finds himself on a ship with ‘lizards’ he is very leery of what is going on, even though they say they are taking him home. He is so damaged after hearing his friends be tortured that he is even unable to interact with Raiss. Meseri finally is the only one who can find to help him break out of the insanity which he has been living with. But what will they find as they break down the barriers in his mind which seem to have been built so tightly?

There is so much more going on in the background of these seeming love matches. Why are they so drawn to each other? Is the Qui Empress willing to honor the agreement she made with earth, even if they are trying to double cross her? Is war on the horizon? There are a lot of questions being raised and I am going to keep reading so I can get my answers. This is good science fiction and erotic romance together.