Dimitri (Immortals of New Orleans #6)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have loved the Immortals of New Orleans since the first book and things just keep getting better and better. There is a lot more complexity to the relationships of the characters than was first shown and it makes them more interesting as they are revealed. Characters who have not been completely explored still can have an impact on you because they still have enough substance to make you care. The story naturally flows without bogging down at all and keeps you reading well after you should have stopped for the night. The banter between the characters is priceless and always one of the things I enjoy the most.

Dimitri has gone to San Diego, California in order to get away after his trip into hell world with Léopold to save Ava. Since he came out something has been wrong with his wolf and he has not been able to shift. He has gone off alone to try to find out if things can get better or if he may have to step down as Beta. Gillian was lured to San Diego by the area Alpha in order to force a mating on her. She is special and the Alpha wants her gifts for himself whether she is willing or not. Gilly escapes but brings down a pack of trouble on our Beta who cannot handle it at the moment.

There are a lot of things going on in this story, some of them happy, some of them sad, and some just plain wrong. There is always a good deal of heat involved when these supernaturals get together for any amount of time. You must enjoy menage, exhibitionism, and unconventional sex.

“When the music stopped, the curtains to their booth flew open. Jax, the devastatingly handsome Nordic wolf, leered down on the lovers, who smiled up at him in amusement. “I said pretend to be her mate. At any point, did you hear me say, ‘Come up to New York and fuck my sister in public…during one of my company events?’ Did I say that? I really don’t recall saying that.” Jax scrubbed his fingers over his tightly cropped hair. He moved to the balcony, overlooking the patrons who were shuffling into the lobby for the intermission. “Sorry.” Dimitri laughed. He knew that they should have been slightly less conspicuous but the draw of his mate had been too much to resist. “Sorry? Really? That’s all you’ve got?” He turned to Gillian, who scrambled up to her feet, adjusting her dress. “And you? What’s your excuse, little sister? Seriously, every shifter in the room could hear you.” “Um, well, yeah, sorry about that. But technically this is your fault. I mean, what did you expect? You asked Dimitri to come here…to pretend to be my mate.” Gillian reasoned that her comeback sounded solid, inexperienced in dealing with her Alpha brother.”
Kym Grosso, Dimitri Kym Grosso