Zombie 2.0


Zombie 2.0 (Zombie Botnet #2)

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
This did not pull me in like the first novel in this series. While the characters were still interesting and the introduction of the new character was handled well, the story did not really flow from the beginning. It did pick up however  after the first three chapters. The narrative is good but it sometimes seemed to do that third wall thing where the narrator speaks directly to their audience. I don’t particularly like that in movies so in a book it irks even more.

The story takes up where we left off, Baby Tomas had been affected by the botnet. When we ee them again Ven has become catatonic because of the perceived loss of her child. Cassie is with her at the barn they had taken refuge at and found to be lacking. Mike and Kyle have gone to town to a library in order to find a place they can be safe. There are other survivors and they have the good and bad luck to run into them. Things go from bad to worse for our group and there are changes in the dynamic they could not have seen coming.

The zombies are getting more interesting, the story line is expanding, and the characters are starting to gain more depth. Though I have to say that Ven works my nerves a lot, I kind of feel for her anyway. I will be reading more and would suggest them to other zombie lovers.