Devoured (Brides of the Kindred #11)

My rating: 4.3 of 5 stars

This was another great entry in a series that I have come to love so much. The characters are ever-changing and yet still manage to allow time for characters which had been established in earlier books. The stories seem simple but have a complexity that makes them more interesting than if you had something just totally straight forward. The narrative flows very well though there are sometimes things that hold it back a little. The characters speak and act as you wold expect them to in most instances, though sometimes they seem to do things just to make the story progress.

Garron has been banned from his home-world, Pax because of his siding with his half-brother Truth when he had visited with his twin and mate. Garron is Rai’ku but his father was a twin Kindred who had lost his twin and mate. He is living on the mother ship and trying to come to terms with the new feelings that he has been having as well as the fact of his ‘other’ possibly coming out. Tess is running from an abusive spouse who could end her life and make it seem like an accident or something someone else did and has nowhere she can really hide. Her friend takes her to live at the Pairing House (pleasure-bots) for the unmated males where they figure her ex would never look for her. She has lived there for a week with no problems when Garron comes to choose one of the pairing bots and accidentally chooses her. Neither of their lives is ever the same after this.

I liked the story between Tess and Garron because they were both kind of lost. Tess because her ex had beaten her down so much she could not see the good in any man and Garron because he had loved and tried to protect someone he couldn’t and sought to punish himself forever. There was the requisite trip off-world which I have come to expect and look forward to since you never know what type of place it will be. I got to catch up with my girls from previous books to see what was happening in their lives. And we got to meet the next couple who will be brought together, and see what the malevolent entity in their midst will cause to happen. Really want that wrapped up because it just annoys me a bit.

Overall I would recommend this along with all the series as a must read!