Witch’s Bell 3


Witch’s Bell 3 (The Adventures of Ebony Bell #3)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
In this third book things do not change so much from the others. The story is advancing but seems to not be very much different from the previous ones. The characters are well established and though they do not seem to be growing very much they are still consistent. The story flows well and does advance the overall story arc forward.

Once again Ebony stands in the middle of something that she has no idea how to handle. Ebony is having dreams that are so real she cannot tell reality from fantasy anymore. Harry has retained his human form and is continuing to help as much as he can, though he has never actually run into anything like this outside of a book. And our poor knight Nate is being turned all around as Ebony tries to handle things on her own.

The portal is still very important and something is still trying to enter the world but other things are trying to control Ebony so as to help that entity. As usual when Ebony realizes that she is being manipulated she dives headlong into danger without first trying to research what might be happening. Luckily her friends are there for her and she manages to pull off the save as always.

I am coming to like Ebony a little more each time I read about her exploits. In the beginning she seemed to be a self-centered character who was not going to be very interesting and maybe annoying. I am still waiting to see what happens with Nate, he is a bit of a mystery. Worth the time.


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