Dead Ice


Dead Ice (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #24)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I have enjoyed this series since the first novel I found quite by accident. While some see the evolution of the characters as bad for the series, I see it as perfectly normal that they would change and become more than they were before. I have read each book and been more than happy with the situations and the growth that Anita has experienced. The story is good with what I consider to be a nice balance between the relationship stuff and the work stuff. Anita has gone from single-minded to thinking outside her little box. There are multiple story lines going on here and while all are not resolved, each is at least presented and hopefully will be dealt with at a later date.

Anita has been called in by the FBI to help in a case involving someone raising zombies and using them in sex shows on the internet. Surprisingly she is recommended by an unlikely person who knows that if anyone can help, she can. Once Anita sees the footage for herself she is more than willing to help find the person doing it because they have stepped over the line in  more ways than one. The most disturbing thing about the zombies is that she has seen zombies like this before, but the person who animated them is dead and no one else should know how to do it.

While trying to help solve the case she has also been marginalized by many because of her engagement to Jean-Claude. They are looking for the perfect ring, or at least Jean-Claude is, and are having problems agreeing on a design. Anita has made a decision on something for her hand-fasting with Nathaniel and Micah however, causing a touch of jealousy from Jean-Claude. Not to mention the other men who want to be a part of their inner circle. Things are never simple with this many people in a relationship.

I like all the stories which are going on around the main mystery because they give more dimension to everything else. While people have complained in the past about the sex scenes there are not nearly as many in this book as before, mainly because it is no longer needed to tell that particular story. I kind of missed it since I had come to expect at least more than this. You get to see a few characters who have been absent for a while such as Richard and Raphael, who are mentioned but seldom seen. There is also more about some of the animal groups who have been folded into Jean-Claude and Anita’s main home group.

Some people may figure out the guilty party right away and others may take longer, either way I think it is a great ride. If you love the series then you are likely to be happy with this entry, if you had loved it but stopped reading then you should give this a look.

“Holy Wrath of God, Batman, your ass was going to be ours soon, you soul-trapping son of a bitch.”
Laurell K. Hamilton, Dead Ice Laurell K. Hamilton