Dead Line


Dead Line (DEAD)

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
This was very light on the horror, zombies, but heavy on characters. When I read the first book I liked it so much because there was a nice balance of action to character development. That is so not the case here, we know who these characters are and the new characters which come along, almost incidentally, are not all that interesting in the long run. The dialogue drags in a lot of places and makes the narrative drag right along with it. The language itself is fine and makes sense for the characters.

Shane, Terry, and Marla find themselves hold up inside a museum with a little girl named Rebecca (River) who swings a mean machete. They are safe for the moment and Shane is looking for his daughter so that he can put her out of her misery. They cannot stay forever but Shane has other priorities and until they are fulfilled, he will not be moved. If they are to continue to survive then they will have to keep moving and look for other survivors.

There are more survivors but some of them are not the type of people who the group really wants to meet. The good and the bad wait for them in the world they are about to enter.

If you have read the previous two novels you have to read this one to complete the story. I found it slow going and did stop and start, though I completed it. Some of the situations are just so obvious that you may want to skim to get to more interesting parts but don’t because you would be cheating yourself.