Walkers (Walking Dead Universe)

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My rating: 3.3 of 5 stars

W1: The characters introduced are not fully fleshed out but do make you want to find out how things turn out for them . And there are zombies, who can say no to zombies! Not a great tome but definitely interesting to a zombie enthusiast.

W2: While there is not any real character development they still have very distinct personalities which are starting to emerge. This group has grown with addition of two teenagers and a kid who has his soldier father in his head. The action is good and does not drag. The dialogue fits nicely with the characters and their situation. While there are issues with grammar , they are minor and do not detract much from the narrative. Enjoyable!

W3:  I enjoyed this a bit more than the last episode because there was more action. The characters were still not as clear as I would have liked but I still liked them enough to care if they lived or died. I expected more here though because it was the last. I was very disappointed with the ending however, there were so many other ways to go than a cliffhanger.

Zombie lovers will like it.


“We’ve got actual corpses walking around literally trying to turn us into Happy Meals, and you’re afraid of an itty bitty spider? Seriously, man?” “I can deal with dead bodies every day, so I can deal with any rotting corpses, even ones walking around trying to make me their lunch. But spiders, man, they are EVIL! I mean, they have eight hairy legs. What kind of shit is that?” Charlene grabbed Luther by the collar. “Come on, Braveheart. I think the kitchen’s through this door.”
G.B. Banks, Walkers