Haunted (Harrison Investigation, #1) (Harrison Investigation #1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I have never read anything by Heather Graham though I had heard a lot of good things. While this book did not Wow me in a big way it did give me something to look forward to because I did enjoy it quite a bit. The writing was straight forward and easily understood. There were no major grammar issues or misuse of words. It was a bit slow to get where it was going but it got there eventually and the journey was nice enough that you can forget that there were patches that made you want to stop. The characters were well imagined because I felt them as real individuals who made me want to know them more, though one or two were a little less vivid they still managed to be interesting. These are modern people who talk like they live in the world of today and act the same.

Matt Stone inherited Melody House on the death of his grandfather and really wishes to keep it in the family and not a part of some historical society. In order to do this he has to open the house to tours in order to pay for the upkeep on such a large estate. His house manager conducts ghosts tours of the manor house even though he does not believe in the supernatural at all. Then a bride runs out of the room she has rented for her honeymoon stark naked and raving about a ghost who was threatening her. Matt has to do something, even though he does not believe in order to convince others that there is no such thing as ghosts.

Darcy Tremayne has worked for Harrison Investigations, a paranormal investigation agency since she graduated from college. Adam Harrison was the father of her best friend from high school and offered to help Darcy any way he could after the death of his son. When Adam is contacted by Matt, the grandson of his old friend to come and prove one way or the other that Melody House is haunted he jumps at the chance. Darcy is sent ahead to assess the situation with her special gifts and runs into opposition even though they were invited. Is there something paranormal happening in the house or is the threat more down to earth?

This has a nice feel of suspense as well as supernatural threat. The mystery of who the entity was haunting the room or if there were more ghosts was definitely good. I did not like Matt to start with because of his hatred of all things supernatural being carried over into how he treated people. There was a romance but it was very dysfunctional at the beginning. Worth reading but do not expect a lot.