Enraptured (Vampire Awakenings #4)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I am so in love with this series! I love the characters who continue to grow and make me care for them and what is happening in their corner of the world. I was pulled into this story pretty fast and did not want to stop reading until the end because something was always happening to pull me along. Even though they are vampires they are more human than some that they come in contact with. The new characters are always fully fleshed out with a background that makes sense for their interaction with our mains. The language of each character is right for them and does not cause a drag on the overall story. Everything flows very well and the story moves forward at a pace that builds the tension and gives you a chance to follow and figure things out for yourself.

Ian reached maturity 11 months ago and has seen his sexual appetites go off the charts. He only has a few more months until graduation and then he will not see a lot of his college friends again since he has stopped aging, and will have to devise a new way to find women to bring to his bed. While his older sister and brother have found their mates, he does not think he will be doing so for a while and so must simply endure.

Paige has had a hard life after being attacked by a vampire and left for dead. She has aligned herself with the hunters because they have promised to help her track the vampire who scarred her. But as luck would have it she finds him and is not prepared but is lucky enough to be at the bar frequented by Ian who finds her being drained and rescues her, with no sign of her backup.

Paige wakes up and finds herself in a house filled with vampires, whom she believes to be nothing more than monsters. Here is where things get crazy for both as they try to find trust and safety for each other and family.

Another great entry and I am already jonesing for the next one. I want Aiden to hit his maturity next but it can be about one of the new guys we have met or even one of the Stooges (that would be a hoot). I enjoy the fact that the family is always in whatever story is being told because they really are a part of the whole. As usual there was a little hot sex, some great banter, laughs, tears, and heartache. These books take you through the wringer and leave you wanting even more. Highly recommend the series!!