Wolf at the Door


Wolf at the Door (Shifter Town Enforcement Book 4)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I do love a good shifter story! I fell in love with the Shifter Town Enforcement from the first book that introduced them. The characters are always believable and draw you in with their personalities. There is also a nice balance between new and established characters, so that you always have someone that you are getting to know while you learn more about someone you have met before. The plots are always interesting even though you know that there is going to be a love match between two of the characters, usually someone you know from a previous book. The stories do pull you in though and that is the important thing. You cannot help but want to see that things work out for the best because there is likely a killer on the loose and he is not going to be easy to find

Timber Kearney is a wolf shifter who had the bad luck to come to the attention of a man who wanted more than anything to be turned. He takes Timber and for a full year tortures her and forces her her to bear witness as he murders other young she wolves. When she finally escapes all she wants is to help others and forget what was done to her, if only her subconscious would cooperate.

Brandt Lawrence worked on the Wolfman case all those years ago and he was never caught. Brandt knew that they were looking for a human who tried to kill like a wolf but that did not make it any easier. Now the killings have started again, even though he is in a new state, and he is sure it is the same man but he is now a real wolf. This time he has someone who has first hand knowledge and a name of the killer, but can he keep her safe long enough to capture a man/wolf who seems always to be one step ahead of them.

This was a really good entry with a killer who was a worthy adversary for Brandt. I can only hope that we will get more in the future because there are some great twists and turns within each story. They also feature some truly strong women who go through hell but always manage to pull themselves through whatever has been thrown at them. I like these for that in particular, even though they have low spots, the women never really give up. This is a fun series with some seriously hot moments which do not take away from the serious business going on around them. Well worth a try!