Petty Pewter Gods


Petty Pewter Gods: A Garrett (Garrett Files #8)

I have liked Garrett from the first adventure I took with him but this one did not seem very exciting or interesting. The story was alright I guess since it did at least have an awake Dead Man for once, he has been asleep for awhile. The new characters introduced did not seem very lively or appealing but kind of dull and lackluster. This was one that I had a hard time getting into and even when I did I just kept going because I like Garrett and his bits of sarcasm enough to overlook a weak plot line.

Garrett finds himself in the middle of a contest between two groups of gods in Tunefaire. The refugees from the Cantard have brought their own pantheon of gods to the Street of Dreams and now one of the existing pantheons is going to have to move out. Lucky Garrett, he gets to figure who is going to get the last location at the bottom of the street. He gets snatched by the Godoroth first and even though he does not commit he gets waylaid by the Shayir, the other pantheon and told he cannot leave until he helps them. What can he do but escape and go into hiding. He has never been very big on gods in the past and now he can see that they are not anything more than a bunch of thugs who just want to be worshiped.

This was not the best so far and I have a ways to go but if you want the continuity you have to read it. Just know that there are some truly slow spots. But it is still Garrett even if he is not handling a good mystery this time.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars