The Wolf Who Stole Christmas


The Wolf Who Stole Christmas (Xmas Tales – Legendary Lovers)

This is a short and sweet novella with just a hint of the erotic. The story progresses swiftly but does not lack a plot that involves and pulls you in. The characters are actually very well realized in a short period of time and make you feel what they are feeling. The dialogue is good and keeps the story moving forward. There are a few problems with words being wrong or grammar, but it is minor and does not take anything away from the story.

Holly is the only daughter of Santa and Mrs Claus. She has eyes only for their engineer, a wolf shifter named Furio, who is very tightly wound and does not seem to be interested in her. Then there is Jack Frost who has made no bones about his interest in Holly and with the blessing of her family who think he would be a great catch. Furio has a troubled past and does not think he is good enough for Holly, but he does want her, even if she cannot see it.

This is a very nice addition to a holiday reading list.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars