A White Cougar Christmas


A White Cougar Christmas (Southern Shifters #3.5)

I am giving this 3.5 stars because though I liked it there still seemed to be something missing from the story. This is a short story of 19 pages but I think it could have been fleshed out more with some depth to the characters and plot line. This was a Christmas story and I really did not get the holiday vibe from it I would have liked to. The narrative is fine and flows very well. There needed to be more information on the characters so you could get to know something about who they are.

Niki Harris is a shifter, a cougar shifter and she does not want to be alone for Christmas this year. Dean is also a shifter and the owner of the bar Niki has gone in order to find someone to help her through the holiday. They come together when Niki is about to make a mistake and attack a human man who will not stop bothering her. They have an instant attraction and maybe she will have someone for more than just this year.

The sex is rather quick but expected since it is said in the beginning that it is what Niki is looking for. I would have liked to have gotten some more information on the type of cougar Niki is since it was mentioned and then quickly passed over. Hoping for more about this couple in the series. Worth a read.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. We don’t need that kind of trouble,” the stranger warned. Her snarl of frustration cut through the din of conversation in the bar, garnering the attention of more than a few patrons. But the warmth of the hand encircling her wrist distracted her, reminding her why she’d come this far from home in the first place. She didn’t want to spend Christmas alone this year. She raised her eyes to the newcomer to discover sex on legs standing next to her. At least six feet of broad, muscular male stood less than a foot away from her and just ripe for the picking.” Eliza Gayle  ― Eliza Gayle, A White Cougar Christmas