Hot For Santa


Hot for Santa (Hot in the City #5)

I would be hot for Santa too if he was sporting what this one is. This is short but has two characters that I liked and was more than happy to see get a little Merry in their Christmas. There was a limited story line that let you know why and how the couple came to be where they were.  I am always happy with the writing in these stories. I was drawn in and did not stop until it was finished, it ended much to soon because I wanted more on these two.

Amy Finnegan is working as an elf along with her friend Cole Bradshaw who is portraying Santa Claus. Cole is one very sexy Santa and Amy has been fantasizing about him for a month. She was glad when he asked her to do this for charity and has been hoping that something might come of it, but so far nothing. Here it is the last day and she has lost all hope of getting him to notice how she feels. When he invites her over for Christmas Eve to drink eggnog and watch a movie she at first thinks he may be thawing, but then decides not to get her hopes up. What he has in mind will make for a very Merry Christmas for them both.

This was very hot with light Dom/sub play. I say read this if you want a hot Christmas and some gift ideas. 🙂

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
“It’s open. Come on in.” Amy sighed. He couldn’t even be bothered to answer the door? It solidified her theory that he saw her only as a friend—a very casual, mi casa es su casa kind of friend. Reaching for the knob, she eased the door inward, surprised to find the lighting so dim when she stepped inside. The first thing she spotted was the fire blazing in the small hearth in his living room—a toasty welcome from the typical Chicago winter dropping snow on the suburbs outside. The second thing she noticed was Cole sprawling comfortably in an easy chair. Wearing nothing but his Santa hat. Amy sucked in her breath, felt dizzy. What the hell…?