A Different Witch


A Different Witch (A Modern Witch #5)

This is a another good entry of witch central with a group of witches who have a community that tries to bring other witches in who may not have anyone to take care of them. The characters are all well defined and complete as individuals so they make you feel like you know them. The dialogue is perfect for the characters and helps to keep you involved in their lives and world.

Almost two years ago Jamie went to Chicago to evaluate Lauren when she was fetched by their program that identifies witches. He and Lauren ended up crashing a coven meeting and totally destroying what they had by telling them they were doing it wrong. While he left and forgot about what he had done, Beth Lander, the leader of the coven could not forget and felt abandoned after his show of arrogance. While thinking about Jamie and preparing to go online she is accidentally teleported to Witch Central with no warning. Things do not get much better after that. This is a very different witch than any of them have ever dealt with and it is going to bring some bad feeling to light.

This is basically a light urban fantasy with plenty of humor, a touch of romance, and some characters that are unforgettable. If you want something that can be enjoyed without a lot of thought or fuss then this is perfect. I recommend this series to everyone!

My rating: 5 of 5 stars