A Celtic Witch


A Celtic Witch (A Modern Witch #6)

This book had everything I have come to expect from Debora Geary and the witching community that she has created. The characters are always interesting and could step right off the page fully realized and start living their lives. The language is never to complicated but makes you feel at ease as you read. The landscapes are so vivid that you can see yourself walking the roads or sitting in someone’s kitchen or parlor.

Cassidy ‘Cassie’ Farrel is a famous Irish (Celtic) fiddle player who has taken three weeks to recharge and find her center before she starts her next set of concert tours. She is told about Fisher’s Cove (by the rocks, as in earth) and decides to take some time in the quiet fishing village not knowing that a large number of the inhabitants are witches. Marcus Buchanan has finally settled into his role as a father to Morgan and a part of the community. He has no desire to share Morgan, any more than he already does, and Cassie makes that very hard for him.

I really loved getting to spend more time in Nova Scotia as opposed to California, though we still have a visit from the Walker clan no matter where things are happening. This is a fun, light, romantic story that will enchant anyone. Enjoy this and the entire series.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars