Slade (Tales of the Were: The Others #2)

I really love the Tales of Were series and am always glad to get a chance to get back to it. It took me longer than usual to read but that is no reflection on the writing or the story being told. The characters are interesting and help to push the story forward because you believe in them. The attraction between the mains is believable if you give yourself over to the concept of fated mates and not just love/lust at first sight. The language is pitch perfect because you know they talk like you would expect someone from their part of the country to speak. Everything that happens helps to further the bigger story that plays in the background about the evil that is trying to surface.

Kate is a priestess of the Lady who has come to live in the territory of the Redstone Clan and been welcomed by their matriarch. While welcoming the Sun one morning she feels a great evil close by that shatters the hearts of the Redstone brothers. When their mother is killed they go all out to find the culprit and in their grief could expose all shifters to humans.

Slade does security for the Lords and other special assignments as needed. He is sent by Rafe and Tim to Nevada to make sure that Griffon Redstone and his brothers do not expose them all. Slade has secrets which he has kept even from the Lords which he shares with Grif in order to get him to trust him. When he meets Kate the assignment takes on a whole new dimension for the usually loner cat.

I loved the heat level since it built up before they got to indulge in anything physical. The romance is sweet and Slade is good kitty to have around the house. Kate is a strong woman who can hold her own even though she has had a hard life. Everything to love and nothing to hate here. Enjoy it!

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
“Slade lowered his head to kiss her lips once, very gently. “They will love you because you’re the only woman in the world who can complete me. They will love your kind heart and gentle ways. Your fierce courage and Goddess-given magic. How could they not, when I love you with all my being? They’ll see what I see when I look at you.” He kissed her again, this time with more passion. “They will see a bright and loving future for not only us, but for the Clan. Great-grandmother will especially love the fact that you are a priestess.” “I hope you’re right.” She bit her lip nervously, but Slade kissed her again, taking her lip between his own teeth for a quick, painless nip before letting her go again. “Trust me, kitten. I know them as well as I know myself. Eventually, you will too. Snowcats live a very long time. You’ll have centuries to get used to them.”
Bianca D’Arc, Slade