Faded Steel Heat

Faded Steel Heat: A Garrett (Garrett Files, #9)

Faded Steel Heat (Garrett Files #9)

I have always liked Garrett because he reminds me so much of the noir detectives of the 40’s who were tough guys who had a thing for the ladies but also had a soft spot that they had to hide. That is totally the world Garrett lives in, his just also happens to have ogres and elves and dwarves and trolls just to name a few of the nonhuman denizens who live there too. Sometimes the stories are exciting with plenty of action and sometimes they are like this one with a plot you have to follow closely to keep the characters straight.

Things are going downhill in Tunfaire with the Call still on their mission to get all the non-humans out of town by any means necessary. The problem for Garrett is that they seem to want to drag him into the middle of the mess and he would prefer not to have to get involved. When he gets a visit from Tinnie, Alyx, and Nicks asking him to go to work for Max Weider, whose brewery he is on retainer to, has been targeted for ‘protection money’ by men claiming to be from the Call, he has no choice but to get involved. If they are moving into the rackets to fund their racist agenda he wants to find out and stop them.

There are always so many players when it comes to these stories that if you are new to them you can get lost. The stories while not always super exciting are always interesting and make you think because they do mirror our world and what is or has happened in it. I am kind of over the rioting and beating of non-humans though and am ready to move on to something more interesting. Still well worth the time.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
“Relway mused, “Now that it’s happened I’m not so sure I’m happy with the outcome. Spared their racial theories The Call would’ve been good for TunFaire.” He would appreciate their interest in law and order and proper behavior. “Here’s a challenge you still need to meet. Glory Mooncalled. He’s weak now but he’s still out there somewhere. If you don’t get him now he’ll try to put something back together someday. He can’t help himself.” “It’s still great day for TunFaire, Garrett. One of pure triumph.” I don’t know if he meant that or was being sarcastic. You never quite know anything with Relway. And he wants it that way. “I liked the way you put it, Garrett. Faded steel heat.” I’d mentioned that to him the night he’d discovered the tanks in the old Lamp brewery. “But the war goes on.” “The war never ends. Tell you what. Send me a note when you do decide to roast that pigeon. I’ve got dibs on a drumstick.”
Glen Cook, Faded Steel HeatGlen Cook