Fool Moon


Fool Moon (The Dresden Files #2)

by Jim Butcher (Goodreads Author), James Marsters (Narrator)


When it comes to Harry Dresden I always have a great time reading about him and his misadventures in the world of magic. He is a wizard who does not always see things as they are. The characters are all likable in one way or the other, even the criminals seem to have some type of redeeming quality. The bad guys are always dark and menacing in the best possible way. The world inhabited by these characters is so obviously ours but with a twist that makes it special.

There have been several murders that Murphy has not told Harry about until it becomes obvious that they are not just animal attacks. When he finally gets involved he lets her know that werewolves or some flavor of shifter has come to town and is doing damage to innocents and criminals alike. Murphy has called in the FBI and they are pushing her out of the investigation for their own reasons. The real question comes down to whether Harry can figure out who is doing the killing and keep himself on the right side of a jail cel.

The Alphas make their first appearance here as college students. Susan and Harry are still circling each other but not committing to a relationship. Karrin and Harry are still trying to find common ground for their friendship and working relationship. This is a good series that makes reading more than once a fun venture.

James Marsters or Spike if you are a Buffy fan is Harry Dresden. When he starts to speak you will be pulled to Chicago and the trouble that happens when is around.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
“There’s more magic in a baby’s first giggle than in any firestorm a wizard can conjure up, and don’t let anyone tell you any different.”
Jim Butcher, Fool Moon