Grave Peril


Grave Peril (The Dresden Files #3)

by Jim Butcher (Author), James Marsters (Narrator)
The story just gets better and better as it moves along. Though each book is basically a standalone, the story is advanced every time because we always know what has happened before. They are also always at least a year or two after. Every book introduces new characters who Harry gets to interact with and maybe become friends with. The world that they live in is our world with the only twist being that the fantastic and mystical exists, and who wouldn’t want that.

The barrier between reality and the never-never is thinning. Ghosts are coming through and causing a lot of trouble in Chicago and people still do not believe. Harry has been invited to attend Bianca’s elevation in rank within the Red Court of Vampires. While Harry did not consider going the invitation was issued while he was with Susan and she is one tenacious reporter who does not get the real danger involved. There is always more going on than meets the eye and Harry is blaming himself for a lot of things.

I loved the book the first time I read it and for the second time I listened and got even more out of it. James Marsters does the narration and he is Harry for me at this point. He does a great job not only with Harry but with every other character and brings them to life  wonderfully. I loved him as Spike on Buffy, and can hear him with some characters, and could and do listen to him for hours as he takes me away to Chicago and my favorite wizard detective. This is Urban Fantasy at its best!

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
“Holy shit,” I breathed. “Hellhounds.”
“Harry,” Michael said sternly. “You know I hate it when you swear.”
“You’re right. Sorry. Holy shit,” I breathed, “heckhounds.”
Jim Butcher, Grave Peril

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