Dead Beat

Dead Beat (The Dresden Files #7)

This one is a little more fun than some of the other books though you get laughs with them all in one way or another. The wit and sarcasm really flow. As has been the case James Marsters does a fantastic job of bringing our hero and his friends to life. The story continues to evolve along with the characters.

The war with the Red Court Vampires continues to rage and take casualties. Necromancers have come to town looking for The Word of Kemmler, a book, that will elevate them to the role of a god. Halloween is going to be less than stellar once again for the people of Chicago if Harry cannot stop the latest threat.

We get a lot more of Waldo Butters in this one as he is kind of featured. I had some laugh out loud moments because Harry has some of the wildest lines. James Marsters as usual brings it home in a big way as he continues to bring life to Harry and his merry band of friends and enemies.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
“In the action business, when you don’t want to say you ran like a mouse, you call it ‘taking cover.’ It’s more heroic.”
Jim Butcher, Dead Beat