Extinction End

extinction end

Extinction End (The Extinction Cycle #5)


I love this series and am very happy with the way things have played out in this last entry in the main story. The writing has just gotten better and better from book to book.The characters were already well done but have also seemed to gain more depth and emotion as things have progressed throughout. The language never caused the story to drag either through dialogue or descriptions. The action was just that, action packed and engrossing. The monsters were everything you would have expected as they morphed into even more grotesque creatures. I was totally into the story from the first page to last.

In the midst of some devastating losses we have even more things happening to make life almost unbearable. Kate, Meg, Tasha, Jenny, and many other survivors are taken from Plum Island and may be lost. Reed and Big Horn come home to find them missing but is still happy to see that Fitz and Apollo are not lost to them. The juvenile variants are a much bigger threat than originally thought, but they may still at least be able to eliminate part of the problem. But can they get back the woman who helped create the weapon? Will the remaining members of Team Ghost and the Variant Hunters be able to neutralize the juveniles and take back the cities? It is an uphill battle that is fought with courage and honor by everyone except a very few.

The action starts from the beginning and barely gives you time to breath as it moves from one tense situation to the next. One of the things I have loved about these books is that when they are in tight spots the way they get out makes perfect sense and does not seem contrived or over the top. I have cried and laughed and cheered for these characters because they have become like friends and family. I am going to miss them and hope to see them again in better times.
Great series, great book, Highly Recommend!

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
“Fitz slid his mask into position and pulled his bandana up to cover it. He breathed in, and picked up a distinct sour smell of sweat. It took his mind a moment to grasp that it was from the bandana’s previous owner. A piece of Riley was going back out there after all. And so was a piece of Meg. Glancing down, Fitz admired the axe hanging from his belt. He’d sawed the handle down so it would fit over his armor, but that didn’t change the fact it had been Meg’s. She’d held onto it all the way from New York to the GW. When Garcia had given it to him, Fitz had thought he might display it as a memento of her. Then he decided that a better way to honor her memory would be to split some Variant heads with it. He wasn’t much of a religious man, but he did believe the deceased lived on in the hearts and minds of those they left behind. Today, Riley and Meg would join them in battle.”
Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Extinction End