Lady of Valor

lady of valor

Lady of Valor (Warrior #3)

by Tina St. John (Pseudonym)
Historical romance was never a genre that I was totally interested in. When I read the first in this trilogy I fell in love with t and this story is no exception. The characters are interesting and have a depth to them that keeps you wanting more from them. The setting is perfect and seems mostly authentic to the period, though some things seem more modern than others. It does grab you and draw you in from the start if you have read the previous two books because you know something of the main character already.

Sir Cabal a.k.a. Blackheart is in Palestine with King Richard and has been keeping watch over Sir Garrett of Fallonmour for his liege. When he comes upon Sir Garrett about to do very adult things with a child he kills him and releases the child. When King Richard is informed he decides to dispatch him to Fallonmour to give the news to Garrett’s widow as well of letting her know that the King will be finding her another husband and a new holder for Fallonmour.

Lady Emmalyn of Fallonmour is 20 years old and has enjoyed life while her husband has been away. She loves the land and the people of Fallonmour and considers it to be her home as she has worked very hard to bring more revenue in. To have this man come from the King and tell her not only will the holding be given to someone else, she is to be given to someone as if she is nothing more than chattel. Lady Emmalyn decides to fight back but things can always change the way you see life.

An enjoyable look into the past with good action, a nice love story, and a hero and heroine that you could not help but like. Each has been hurt in some way and are reluctant to trust, but they want to trust each other. Anyone who loves romance will like this!

My rating: 4 of 5 stars