Red Tide

red tide

Red Tide

I love a good mystery and this is a very good one. I started reading and was unable to put it down because I was so caught up in who could be doing the killing and how it was going to effect everyone around them. This was able to keep me guessing even after I thought I knew who it was. The characters were very real and got me involved in their lives, they are very lively and full of life. The dialogue is easy to follow but does not talk down to you at all and even the technical terms are defined. The story maintains the tension throughout and draws you in as the time ticks away and things become more complicated.

Aspen Falls is a small town in Colorado which has the distinction of having had a serial killer bury his victims within its boundaries. When FBI agent Nicholas Grant finally finds the location of the dumping ground of a the serial he has been tracking for the past ten years,  he thinks that he will finally be able to bring closure to the families of his thirteen victims, what he actually finds is more bodies. Jamie Taylor is brought in with her dog to help pinpoint the graves, she is one of the best in the field, and she found them and a lot more.

What they uncover means that there is another serial killer operating in their small town and using the same area to dump bodies. Now they have to find the culprit before any more people go missing to a killer who leaves no marks on the body and no evidence that will lead back to him.

I think this was a great book and I enjoyed it a great deal. I would recommend it highly to any fan of the mystery/suspense genre.



My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Grief is a place, even in the most lush surroundings, that is solitary. There is nothing but the loss.