Every Witch Way But Wicked

every witch way but wicked

Every Witch Way But Wicked (A Stacy Justice Mystery #1.75 (Tale of Two Witches)

This was one of the better anthologies I have read. There was not one story that I did not enjoy and want to continue with. It was very cohesive in its theme, which was Halloween and witches, by having some of the best authors writing about the subject. There were several authors whom I already read such as Rose Pressey, Debora Geary, and Camilla Chafer. Then there are the authors I have never read before but will definitely be reading in the future.

Though every story shared a theme each one was quite unique in its delivery and tone. There were stories which were lighthearted in tone, such as “Cats and Dogs” by J.L. Bryan the story of a woman who is having trouble with a dog who is not ill but seems to be sad. Her neighbor gives her cookies and instructs her eat one a day to give her insight into what is wrong with her pet. Before she has a chance to eat them however her pets get into them with the most spectacular effect ever.

Then you have stories which are a little darker like “The Hazards of Desire” by Wren Emerson about a town of witches. In Desire all the women are witches and the men are bargaining chips. Zelda was once the first daughter and leader of the Coven, but now she is just a broken old woman treated as a pariah amongst the town people. She tells a tale to a young second daughter about true love in Desire and what happens when people have powers like they do. A cautionary tale of dark desires, love, and obsession.

There is something here for everyone. Enjoy a short tale from your favorites and find someone new to follow. You cannot go wrong this book.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I guess he was good-looking if you liked tall, dark, and handsome with a body that would make women unable to form complete sentences in his presence.