The Maxists

the maxistsThe Maxists (What Zombies Fear #2)
by Kirk Allmond


This is a totally different kind of zombie book with some zombie types I am starting to see more often. While I liked it I was not really all that impressed with it. The characters are at one minute crisp and vibrant but then can fall into mediocrity within the next chapter, sometimes within the same chapter. The action is rather lackluster as far as the battles between the humans and zombies are concerned. The dialogue is good and the descriptions are good enough to make you visualize a lot of what is happening.

A man representing the military shows up at the Tookes family farm and offers help but with a price. Victor only wants to take care of his family and those survivors who have found their way to his property, about 300 people. Nobody knows the extent of Max’s powers, not even his mother or brother, and Victor wants to keep it that way. The zombies however know all about Max and have set out to get him away from his father, by any means necessary.

I am not sure whether I will even read the rest of the series since I was less than thrilled by this entry. It was way to predictable for my taste, even for a zombie tome. But I would not discourage anyone else from trying it out if you have read the first book.



My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars