Karibu Heat

karibu heat

Karibu Heat

I am giving this 4.5 stars because I really liked the story even if I didn’t have all the background (my fault for reading the sequel first). Though they did give a very good recap of the circumstances that brought them all to the Karibu Resort. I actually liked all the characters here as they were introduced, everyone had their own little quirks and attitudes, which made them more interesting. The story was simple and flowed well so that you always knew what was going on. The language works for the people and the situation and is appropriate.

Jager Manning follows Anjelee Montrose to the Karibu Resort after she has attempted to blackmail his client with the intention of making sure she goes to jail upon her return to the states. Anjelee for her part does not believe that he has any right to be following her, even though she had signed a contract saying she would never disclose or attempt to extort his client again, she lied. Then there is Keefer who is there with Anjelee and has no idea what she has gotten herself into, he loves her but will not tell her for fear of rejection. When these three finally come together it is an instant ignition of heat regardless of the situation before them. The question is can Jager remain impartial when he finds himself wanting to be a part of this threesome or will he complete his job like he has sworn too.

This is a fun and wild read that seems to have no holds barred as these three get sun and fun in a paradise of nudity and anything goes sex. Be warned there are scenes of mfm, mf, mmf, and mm. If you cannot take that much heat avoid it, but if you like some heat with your story go for it.



My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


“And you’re going to tell me that reason right now. But before you do, let me explain to you the way I’m seeing it. You want me, I want you and we both want him. So…what do you say we come up with a plan to make us all happy?”




Odyssey (The Academy #5)

This grabbed me and made me lose sleep over the past few days because I did not want to put it down. Jack McDevitt is a master of creating a world with people you cannot help but admire and situations that are tense and filled with anticipation.

I love this series along with all it’s permutations because each is a little different but essentially the same. In space you cannot know what to expect and this brings the idea home in a solid manner. The science is sometimes accurate and sometimes theorizing but always interesting. I had wanted to be an astronaut and when I read these books I can at least feel like I made it out there.

Read these books for the sheer joy of flying off into the black and being entertained.



My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


“Truth, beaten down, may well rise again. But there’s a reason it gets beaten down. Usually we don’t like it very much.”
Jack McDevitt, Odyssey

Black Lion’s Bride

black lion's bride

Black Lion’s Bride (Warrior #2)

I was pulled into this story from the very beginning with a premise that took us out of the usual locale in England and to the deserts of the Middle East. I had already fallen partially in love with Sebastian Montborne in the first book in this series, but it was locked in with his appearance here. I have never been a big fan of  historical romance but I find myself loving these for some reason, though it is probably because they make me feel like a part of the action. I get a chance to know the people and come to care about them and the world they inhabit. The characters both new and old are very well written and make you feel that you would like to know them.

The Crusades have been raging and Sebastian of Montborne has ridden and fought with King Richard while his brother remains at Montborne looking after the estate. In the desert port of Ascalon near Jerusalem. King Richard has set up his encampment as they rally for their march on Jerusalem to take the city for their church. In the hills surrounding them is a guild of assassins who have sworn to kill all the infidels in their lands, but they really would like to kill Richard, feeling this will make the others less likely to stay in their country. To this end they are plotting to get an assassin within striking distance of him.

Zahirah has been taught to hate the Franks who have come to her land in order to bring their religion and wipe out the faith of those who have for centuries resided in these desert lands. Viewing them as no more than crude animals with no morals she is more than willing to kill in order to keep what they have. But while it is always easy to judge people from afar when she finds herself surrounded by these people and one man in particular it becomes harder to hate them and easier to see where they are more alike than different.

I knew what was coming for some of the story but there were a lot more twists and surprises than I was ready for. I really liked Zahirah because even though she was a bit of a villian, she was able to grow and see what was right and important. I had hoped that I would also get to see something of what had happened with Griffin and Isabel since they are the reason that I have found myself so wrapped up in this series. I laughed a bit, cried a bit, and was mad at all at one point or another but was very happy that things worked out the way I wanted in the end.

If you want a romance that is star crossed and seems unlikely then this is the story for you. I recommend to anyone who loves some historical accuracy with their intense romance. Hot enough to make you blush but tame enough for a beginner. Enjoy!




My rating: 5 of 5 stars



“I need to get out of here at once, Halim. The captain has already voiced his suspicions that the chase through the souk may have been some sort of trap. It won’t be long before he starts to wonder how I might fit into the puzzle.” “Then you must take steps to ensure that his suspicions do not focus on you,” Halim answered pointedly. “He is a man of some youth and virility from what I have seen; I doubt he’d refuse you. It should not require much to keep him distracted from your true purpose, even for a girl of your limited skills.”

Every Witch Way But Wicked

every witch way but wicked

Every Witch Way But Wicked (A Stacy Justice Mystery #1.75 (Tale of Two Witches)

This was one of the better anthologies I have read. There was not one story that I did not enjoy and want to continue with. It was very cohesive in its theme, which was Halloween and witches, by having some of the best authors writing about the subject. There were several authors whom I already read such as Rose Pressey, Debora Geary, and Camilla Chafer. Then there are the authors I have never read before but will definitely be reading in the future.

Though every story shared a theme each one was quite unique in its delivery and tone. There were stories which were lighthearted in tone, such as “Cats and Dogs” by J.L. Bryan the story of a woman who is having trouble with a dog who is not ill but seems to be sad. Her neighbor gives her cookies and instructs her eat one a day to give her insight into what is wrong with her pet. Before she has a chance to eat them however her pets get into them with the most spectacular effect ever.

Then you have stories which are a little darker like “The Hazards of Desire” by Wren Emerson about a town of witches. In Desire all the women are witches and the men are bargaining chips. Zelda was once the first daughter and leader of the Coven, but now she is just a broken old woman treated as a pariah amongst the town people. She tells a tale to a young second daughter about true love in Desire and what happens when people have powers like they do. A cautionary tale of dark desires, love, and obsession.

There is something here for everyone. Enjoy a short tale from your favorites and find someone new to follow. You cannot go wrong this book.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I guess he was good-looking if you liked tall, dark, and handsome with a body that would make women unable to form complete sentences in his presence.

Malice In Wonderland

Malice In Wonderland (Dulcie O’Neil #5)

Overall I liked the story. There were just some things that I did not particularly agree with. For one thing our main girl does not seem to have really grown in all this time, she wants things to be all cut and died when they are not. I expected quite a bit more action from this book as well since the last one ended on such a dramatic note and it was kind of humdrum with no real action and a lot of obvious plot twists, at least to me. It’s worth the read but don’t expect much.
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Devious Magic

devious magic

Devious magic (Stella Mayweather #3)

When I first started this series I was not so sure about it, but as I have continued it has managed to pull me in and make me really like it. The characters are fleshing out and becoming more real but the situations can sometimes seem a bit stretched as far as where they are. The aspects of magic they play with are good and creative since you do not see anything like it in anything else. The story does not grab you right out the gate but slowly reels you in which gives you a chance to see where it will be taking you.

Stella has settled into her new home and is sharing it with some of her friends for a while. Things seem to have calmed down and while she wants to move forward she still looks back at her childhood with feelings of regret and longing. Because she has become a bit lax she is not prepared when an old foe surfaces and throws her life into chaos. The Brotherhood has not forgotten about the one that got away and want her back in England by any means necessary.

When Annalise is kidnapped and taken to England as a lure Stella will follow to save her friend. But she finds there is more than she could have ever thought possible.

There is some romance, some violence, and some nice people.



My rating: 4 of 5 stars


“Did you just call my girlfriend a slut?” asked Evan slowly. I could see a glow lighting his hands, not fire but something else, something almost imperceptible. Clearly, Daniel hadn’t thought to protect the house from a daemon; he probably didn’t even know they existed. “Slut. Slut. Slut,” repeated Nameless, cackling, proving just how stupid he really was.



Starhawk (The Academy #7)

While I have loved riding with the Academy for years now, this was not my favorite adventure to date. This is a prequel which is about Priscilla ‘Hutch’ Hutchins and her first adventure after getting her pilots license and a job. It also is about the development of the Academy as an institution and the Wheel as the space port it needed to become in the future. These were the events that made her who she would later become, but it was not an easy read. The writing is fantastic as always and the characters are well developed and feel like friends more than just words on a page. The galaxy is vivid and I can see the relics left behind in my minds eye with no problem. It just did not have the same feel to it that I am used to having.

Priscilla’s training flight is not as uneventful as most usually are and she and Jake find themselves in the middle of a rescue. The rescue has to occur because of a radical who has placed a bomb on another ship which has blown up. There is a movement that feels the death of every life form on a planet in order to terraform is not acceptable and this is their way of protesting.

The theme throughout is about these individuals who are willing to do anything, including kill in order to save life on a far away planet while sacrificing human life. Priscilla makes a few flights but nothing very note worthy happens. I;m glad I read it because it is part of the story, but I just cannot totally recommend it except to those who have read the previous books.



My rating: 4 of 5 stars


When finally they got through, the first thing Priscilla saw was Josh, floating a foot or two above the deck, his wrist tied to a frame. They tried to revive him, although Priscilla thought it was probably a cruel thing to do. If they succeeded, he would only feel that he had to go through it again.