Kiss Across Chains

kiss across chains Kiss Across Chains
(Kiss Across Time #3)
by Tracy Cooper-Posey


The story is good and the characters are outstanding. This is another adventure for the threesome who have come together and found that with a simple kiss they can be transported across time, but only within their own personal timeline. The history is always well researched and gives you the feeling that you too have stepped back right along with them. The languages jump back and forth between English, Celtic, and old Norse with the old ones being accurate or not, I am going with they are accurate. There are some spelling and grammatical issues but nothing to serious.

The Queen, Tira, goes to Brody, Veris and Taylor demanding that they give her the secret to time travel. She not only threatens them but their daughter as well. When Brody stands up to her and refuses she makes life very difficult for the death metal rocker by setting him up to be arrested for drug possession. But things get even more intense as he is reminded of a time in his life when he was a slave and not able to live as he wished.

While attempting to get evidence that Brody was set up by jumping into their recent past things go a bit wrong. Brody had thought he had put the horror behind him and he could get them home with no problem, but surprise. They find themselves in Constantinople with Brody in chains, Taylor the wife of a patrician, and Veris across the country. Things could not have gone any worse.

I am totally drawn to the eroticism of the books. The stories are always compelling and keep my interest more than the sex. This is a great way to get a history lesson. I think anyone would like this and I recommend highly.


My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


In Sixth Century Constantinople, the chariot races held such power over the city and its citizens, it influenced the military, politics and religion. The Emperor himself was drawn into the eternal question of whether the Greens (Prásinoi) or Blues (Vénetoi) would win. Chariot races became the source of cheating, bribes, curses, mechanical tampering, gang warfare, street violence and murder until they finally culminated in 532 AD in five days of riots and burning, known as the Nika riots, when the Blues and the Greens worked together in a failed attempt to usurp the emperor himself. Chariot racing fell into decline after the riots, never again to achieve the huge popularity and influence it had held for the centuries since Greece and Rome had pushed it to the fore. But the Nika riots don’t take place until forty-three years after the events in this book.




The Good, The Bad, and The Undead

the good,the bad, and the undeadThe Good, the Bad, and the Undead (The Hollows #2)
by Kim Harrison (Goodreads Author), Marquerite Gavin (Narrator)

I read this book about 6 years ago for the first time and thought it was one of the best thing I had ever read. I still think it is a great read but after listening to it closer I found some things that I did not see the first time. The characters are great, sometimes almost to good because I had a hard time liking some of them because of the way they were portrayed. The setting is of course fine since it is a real American city.

I did not like Rachel so much after this listen mainly because she came off as being very judgmental, overly confident, not a good friend, naïve, and a host of other things that are not flattering. But she does redeem herself by the end of the book.

Ley line witches are being killed and Rachel has decided that Trent Kalamack is the killer and no one else. The FIB calls her in to help them since it is an inderlander case and they want to get a first crack at it. The problem is that even though they have a suspect Rachel has her own agenda and does not want to follow the lead of the agent in charge of the case. Because of this Rachel finds herself once again in danger and not sure where the bullet might come from.

This is a very enjoyable series.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars



Oliver and Jumpy 37-39

oliver and jumpy 37-39Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 37-39 (Oliver and Jumpy, the Cat Series, Book 13): Cat and kangaroo picture book series with bedtime stories for children
by Werner Stejskal


The illustrations are nicely done and something that children would really like because they can easily identify the animals represented. The story line is simple but not so simple that a child would find it not worth reading/listening to. The characters are upbeat and seem to have a good time with each other. There are subtle lessons to be learned about friendship and helping others.

I do not have any young children but the ones in my home said that would have liked this when they were younger. Because of this I would recommend for young children.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Time Kissed Moments 1

time kissed moments 1  Time Kissed Moments 1 (Kiss Across Time #2.5)
by Tracy Cooper-Posey


All the stories are very well done and give background on the characters before, during, and after they met. There are multiple Star Trek references which take it up even higher in my eyes since I am a total Trekkie. The language is perfect for each character and helps to establish their personalities more solidly as they tell their stories to each other. There are seven stories in all telling a piece of the time for each of the immortal men who have become a part of Taylor’s life.

‘Time and a Punk or Two’ is about an 86 year old man about to catch a plane when he spots a man who looks like someone he knew in the war many years before. When two young punks come and take up the seats next to him they knock him to the ground and do not care. He decides that he will not take it and wants to confront them. The blond man who looks so much like his old friend comes to his aid and helps him to maintain his dignity. This was the perfect way to kick off the start.

‘Time and the Woman’ finds Alexander years after his encounter with Brody, Taylor and Veris having discovered their secret and made it his own. He meets Brody again after many years and though he has some idea of the future ahead of Brody, he still has many years before it happens. The woman Alex finds himself with is not someone he wishes to spend an eternity with. This was actually the perfect story to end on.

This is a ménage romance that has MMF, MM, and multiple sex scenes. If you are easily offended avoid this. But I love it all and this was a very nice reminder of why I fell in love with these characters to start with. I would recommend to anyone who likes vampires or romance.


My rating: 4.6 of 5 stars



Betrayed: Book Two

betrayed Betrayed: Book Two – The Road to Redemption (Law of the Lycans #6)
by Nicky Charles


The characters are interesting and defined for the most part with only a few being vague outlines without a real personality. For anyone who has read the previous books in the series you will be caught up right away with what is going on here since it has only been a short time since the action in the last. The story is somewhat predictable, which is to be expected, but it still plays out perfectly and with a few surprises.

After everything that happened in Chicago Kane Sinclair has decided that he would like to take over the Chicago pack because it does not seem to be being run well. Samantha Harper, who has been illegally acting as the Alpha of the pack definitely does not agree with Kane. She thinks he is arrogant and if he had not used the Finding to take the Greyson heir for his pack then she would not have as many problems.

Kane sends his friend Damien, who had previously been a rogue being hunted by Lycan Link for various crimes, to get any information on the pack that might help with his takeover. Sam for her part is expecting a spy and tries to hire a rogue to play the part of Beta in order to fool Lycan Link into thinking her pack is growing. But things get crossed and they end up working together but still at odds, though only one of them knows that.

The romance is nice and develops at a nice pace that does not seem super rushed. The way things go from one locale to the other is smooth and allows for keeping up with the other characters from previous books. This is the perfect blend of romance and angst.


My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


She looked at the man sitting across from her. Jonah was in his mid-thirties, both he and his mate, Laurie, were lifelong members of the pack. What would happen to them and the others if there was no money to support them in their old age? And even now, it cut her to the core to have to deny them. They’d yet to produce any pups; another couple falling victim to the genetic flaw most seemed to carry. While they’d talked of adopting, parentless Lycan pups were rare and there wasn’t money to pay for more fertility testing.



A Dark and Sure Descent

a dark and sure descentA Dark and Sure Descent: Being a True Account of the Long Island Outbreak
by Saul W. Tanpepper


While this did not grab me right out the box the story did still finally grab me. The main problem was that the characters were not very likeable or well thought out really. Cassie is cold and unfeeling to both her husband and child, Ramon is wrapped up in his work and does not give enough to his wife and child, the kid was just there for sympathy it seemed to me. Though the main characters were not all that great, the story itself was what won me over. There was enough happening that I did not really care that much about them, even if I did pay attention to what they did.

In the summer of 2030 the government started the roll out of the Stream, a new digital network, which is pegged to replace the internet on Long Island. They are also using the Omegamen to help set up the hardware for this endeavor. With all this happening outside Lyssa and Ramon Stemple have started new research at their lab that somehow manages to land them in the middle of a murder investigation that morphs into the deaths being linked to a new virus sweeping Long Island. Their tiny lab is said to be ground zero for the infection and even though they know its not true, the government is selling it to the masses.

The biomedical disaster that changes the world does not begin with a bang but with a bite.

I do have to qualify some of my animosity to the characters by saying that of the reason I feel so strongly about them is the fact that are written very well. But it is always better if you like the characters so that you can be more vested in whether or not they survive. The fact that I did not like them just means that other things had to keep me interested in the story because they did not. I also found the book to be overly long, it could have been wrapped up in half the time if some of the extraneous stuff had been cut out. I also found the ending to be a bit abrupt, even though it was being used to tell the story of how things started after the fact.

We get an interesting story of government conspiracy, corporate intrigue, biomedical thriller, and family drama. I would recommend this even if you have not read from the beginning. This gives you an idea of where the story will take you.


My rating: 4.25 of 5 stars


A hand reached up out of the darkness, followed by a masked head and shoulders. The coveralls pulled tight against the man’s shoulder, as if snagged on something inside the hole, so that a larger slice of skin was now exposed. Clearly visible on his neck was a wide gash. Lyssa gasped. But the snagged shirt came free and covered it up again and suddenly she wasn’t sure she’d seen what she thought she had. It could’ve been dirt or oil. In fact, it was most likely to be that. The liquid dripping down his shoulder was thick and black. It hadn’t looked anything like blood at all. “They’re not dead, honey. Don’t think that.”


The Maxists

the maxistsThe Maxists (What Zombies Fear #2)
by Kirk Allmond


This is a totally different kind of zombie book with some zombie types I am starting to see more often. While I liked it I was not really all that impressed with it. The characters are at one minute crisp and vibrant but then can fall into mediocrity within the next chapter, sometimes within the same chapter. The action is rather lackluster as far as the battles between the humans and zombies are concerned. The dialogue is good and the descriptions are good enough to make you visualize a lot of what is happening.

A man representing the military shows up at the Tookes family farm and offers help but with a price. Victor only wants to take care of his family and those survivors who have found their way to his property, about 300 people. Nobody knows the extent of Max’s powers, not even his mother or brother, and Victor wants to keep it that way. The zombies however know all about Max and have set out to get him away from his father, by any means necessary.

I am not sure whether I will even read the rest of the series since I was less than thrilled by this entry. It was way to predictable for my taste, even for a zombie tome. But I would not discourage anyone else from trying it out if you have read the first book.



My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars