Cry Sanctuary

cry sanctuary

Cry Sanctuary (Shifter Town Enforcement #2)

This is a story that has an erotic feel but still has that police procedural element. You wouldn’t think they would work together well, but they really do here. The characters are interesting for more than the fact that they are shifters and not just ordinary shifters for the law enforcement, most of them are some type of canine shifter, meaning a dog. The characters have real personalities that can raw you to them or repel you depending on what you like. I was pulled in and so absorbed that I read this book in less than a day. I just did not want to stop until I had found out what was going to be happening.

The language was perfect for the characters and the region that they occupied. I could see them speaking exactly the way that did. The killer is actually revealed fairly early which I was worried about at first, but it actually added another layer to the story by my knowing who it was when they did not. The changing point of view was nice because it allowed me to get a feel for the full picture by giving a voice to everyone. It also gave me a look at my favorite characters from the first book on the side, and I always love that. There are a few word glitches, but they are minor and easily overlooked.

Holly Lawrence did her final research paper on a cold case that involved a serial killer who was never caught. By a stroke of luck she actually finds him, and is captured and becomes a potential victim. Holly does escape, the only person to ever do so, and becomes a target for an insane killer who does not like to lose. Caine Morgan is the Alpha of the Sanctuary Falls wolf pack and has had one of his wolves go missing, the M.O. fits that of the serial killer and Holly becomes involved in tracking him before any more women are killed. Wolfhounds and Wolves do not work together but Holly and Caine are about to change that. They will hunt this killer to protect his pack as the killer hunts Holly to finally bring her down.

There was a very real feel of tension and dread about what this guy was doing and how he was doing it. The feelings that Caine and Holly have for each other start a bit quickly but are not consummated right away which was good since they were being stalked. This should definitely be given a try!

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
It wasn’t terror yet, not the blind, all-consuming fear that he would slowly train her to feel. No, she still had too much control yet for that. But they’d get there.

Rebel Obsession

rebel obsession

Rebel Obsession (All The King’s Men #4)

This is one great series with some of the hottest men/vampires to grace the pages of any book. Each book manages to not only advance the secondary story line but give an in-depth look at the start of a romance that was fated but not expected. The writing is wonderful and makes reading a pleasure with few typos or grammatical errors to take anything away from it. The characters are more than fleshed out because you have had a chance to start your introduction to them in a previous book so that you are more than ready to continue their journey. The story is unfolding in a way that keeps your interest and makes you want to keep going until you get that final piece of the puzzle.

Io has managed to ruin a friendship that had lasted for over a hundred years because of his narrow-mindedness and refusal to see anything but his own side of things. But on that same night he met someone, Miriam, who was brought into headquarters with a cobalt overdose made him want to do things he had never considered before . There is only one problem, she is the King’s daughter and by law not to be touched by any male. Io touches her, though it is before he knows who she is, and wants nothing more than to touch her more when she is taken away by her fathers guards.

Miriam has been thinking about Io ever since their encounter but knows that it is unlikely they will ever see each other again. Because her life has not changed she goes out seeking another cobalt high only to end the night with an overdose. They both get their wish and are thrown together again but is love really worth dying for.

This is much more than just a love story about finding a mate. The sex scenes are extremely hot and well written, making me squirm. The action is a little low key here with no major fights but enough dark business to make you want more. And the fact that you can get a fix of your favorite early characters is a major plus.

Give this series a read if you have not started it and if you have keep going with this one. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!!



My rating: 5 of 5 stars


“Miriam woke up to find Io sitting on the floor next to her. His gaze brightened and he smiled. “How do you feel?” he said. He helped her sit up. “Like shit.” She groaned. “Don’t get me wrong, I feel better than I did, but damn, this shit sucks.” Who the hell had let in the army of Terminators to play Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em inside her body? Io chuckled at her surprisingly unfeminine manner of speaking and sat down beside her. “I gave you a potent detox with my venom. I needed to get the cobalt out of your system.” “Ah, I see.” She leaned her face into her hands. “Great. Just great. I don’t know whether to thank you or hit you.” How did she always seem to put her worst face forward around this guy? The one male she wanted to impress and all she did was behave like a strung-out junkie around him. The vampire version of Amy Winehouse. How could he not be impressed? Uh-huh, right.”
Donya Lynne, Rebel Obsession

Micah’s Calling

micah's calling

Micah’s Calling (All The King’s Men #3)

I really do love this series! It is one of the few that can make me stop doing anything else so that I can catch up with these people. The story is always interesting and has enough twists and turns to keep you glued to the page. The vampires have such interesting powers and each one is just a bit different from one another that it keeps you guessing.have to say that I love the fact that these vampires actually purr when they are aroused, that sounds so hot. Everyone of them is so well drawn that you have no problem sympathizing with them or disliking those who are less savory.

The entire story takes place directly after the events in Rise of the Fallen. This is when Micah is in the depths of his Calling with Samantha. He is unable to go any amount of time without having sex and work is not an option. The only thing they really do is hang out with Traceon on occasion. There are secrets revealed and kinks uncovered for all.

I am so glad I got a chance to get a better understanding of Trace as a character. He has always been very mysterious and for once we get to know some of his secrets. Being a mixed blood has caused his powers to run out of control and Micah is about to find out just how powerful he truly is.

There is BDSM and voyeurism, humiliation, and revelation. No chases or major action but lots of heart.



My rating: 5 of 5 stars


In hindsight, he realized that his fall from grace a month ago had likely begun when he’d lost his love of BDSM, specifically domination. That should have been a sign that he was falling. Losing Jackson had just sped up his demise. But all that was behind him now, his zest for life as well as for BDSM surging once again with Sam’s arrival. And now it was time to show her that side of him.

Heart of the Warrior

heart of the warrior

Heart of the Warrior (All The King’s Men #2)

I had already liked the first novel in the series and it took me a while to work up to reading this because it centered around the male enforcers I got a glimpse of in that book. I have never read a romance where it centered around two men before, but am really glad that I got to read this one. I was so pulled into this from the beginning and it totally surprised me how much I got into it. The characters were so real in their feelings and reactions that I found myself sympathizing with them or being mad when they did something totally boneheaded. The romance was sweet with a serious hot edge that surprised me, since I got totally sucked in, who knew I liked two guys together. The world they inhabit is well defined and in a known place which makes it even easier to identify with. The fact that they are vampires is secondary to everything else that goes on with them. This has opened me up to the possibilities and made me more open to try more in this vein, hopefully just as well written.

Severin has been pining away for Arion since their encounter in Ari’s kitchen six weeks earlier and does not know what to do. He has to see him every night at work and it seems that their brief contact has not affected Ari in the least. Arion has always had a hard time having relations with women but things were so different when he had his short lived encounter with Sev, it was explosive in more ways then one. Both of these men have secrets that they are trying to keep hidden from each other, friends, and family. This may be important to them but other factors are conspiring to make their lives even more difficult.

With cobalt use rising to epidemic proportions things are getting crazy on the streets for enforcers. Severin has more than his share of trouble brewing, his last boyfriends sister is looking to kill him and he has no idea when or where she might show up, his hated father is trying to make amends for his contemptible actions of the past and he wants none of it, and keep his lineage a secret could work for or against him. But with all that going on his main focus is Ari and how he can get him to love him, because the calling is upon him and he must have his mate.

I loved these two men together because they were hot, sweet, and so good for each other. Their romance was hard won and hard fought with family and friends who would not understand, and support from the most unlikely place. This book is more than worth the time as is the first book if you have not read it “Rise of the Fallen” is perfect. I am recommending this highly!! But be aware that there are multiple explicit sex scenes between our two hunky vampires. Very tingle worthy to me! MM Romance

**As I have done with the previous book I listened to this for my second time and enjoyed it just as much as the first. The narrator, Mikela Drew did a wonderful job with all the characters which enhanced the story. I remember feeling a bit squeamish when I first started reading this book but only found a very nice story in the end.


My rating:  5 of 5 stars


Yeah, I ain’t no human mix. Sev clapped his hands together in dust-off fashion and stood up. Good ol’ Dad had been a full-on, full-blood, virile vampire. Extremely powerful. And a jackass. Sev had only met his father once, but the meeting had left an impression when the two had nearly beaten each other to death.


Sometimes Sev felt guilty for what happened to her, as if he was to blame. They had to keep their relationship a secret because it would cause them both too much pain if people knew they came from two separate sides of the old war. She would be ostracized by the drecks if they knew she had kept a vampire’s offspring and carried it to term rather than kill herself. He would be seen as a threat or a dreck sympathizer if his teammates or other vampires learned of his half dreck bloodlines. This was what they called being between a rock and a hard place.


Micah Black thought he was the last of his bloodline. He was wrong. Dead wrong.

 Micah just found out he has a brother. Ronan, the cat burglar who broke into his apartment and stole the ankh he’d been entrusted to protect, has turned out to be none other than his own flesh and blood. But that’s not the only revelation he uncovers about his family. After centuries of thinking his father was killed during the war, he learns that his father is alive. Still suffering the loss of Micah’s mother, his beloved mate, but alive.

The discoveries continue to pile up as more tightly held secrets and shocking surprises come to light, upending Micah’s world, sending him into a whirlwind of emotions and memories of war, love, and death. But it’s what King Bain reveals that throws Micah for the biggest loop. One that will chart a new path for Micah’s future and change the course of the coming war between the vampires and the drecks forever.

In the much-anticipated eighth book of the emotionally-wrenching, heart-stopping All the King’s Men Series, you see Micah as you’ve never seen him before. You will meet new characters pivotal to the survival—and hearts—of the characters you’ve come to love. Aliases will be revealed, alliances will be formed, and new enemies exposed as paranormal forces converge in a battle to decide who will ultimately rule humanity.

Recommended for fans of J.R. Ward, Lara Adrian, Kresley Cole.

Books in the AKM Series, in reading order:

Rise of the Fallen

Heart of the Warrior

Micah’s Calling

Rebel Obsession

Return of the Assassin

All the King’s Men – The Beginning

Bound Guardian Angel





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His head jerked around to the door, his awareness lighting up with Sam’s presence like a flame catching on dry kindling. She was there. Just outside, in the hall.

He started for the foyer as the door slowly opened. She stepped inside, squinting into the dark apartment.


In a flash, he was on her, slamming the door with the palm of one hand as he spun her and shoved her against the wall with the other.

She gasped, but the scent of her arousal spiked, letting him know she was more than ready for what he required.

He gripped handfuls of fabric on either side of her scoop-neck collar and yanked in opposite directions. Her T-shirt tore down the middle with the satisfying growl of ripping fabric.

He pushed the tattered shirt off of her, along with her jacket. Leather and ruined polycotton blend puddled at her feet.

“I’m sorry,” he said, growling the words as he tugged harshly at her jeans. The metal button at her waist shot across the room and thumped softly on the carpet.

She kicked off her sneakers. “For what?”

“For not being gentle.” He clutched her bra between her breasts and tore it off as if it were made of nothing more than tissue paper.

“I don’t care. Whatever you need.” She pushed the waist of her jeans past her hips and wiggled her legs so that the denim fell to her ankles as she pulled him closer. “I can buy new clothes, but you can’t be replaced.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.” He hoisted her off the floor.

Her legs locked around his waist as her palm wrapped around the back of his neck. “With you, pain is pleasure.”


Fangs, Fur & Mistletoe


Fangs, Fur and Mistletoe (Mystic Isle #1)

I have always loved a good romance that involves a struggle of some type for the characters to be together. The characters here are so well defined that I immediately had an affinity with them and wanted to know everything about them. I was not drawn into things right from the start but when I was I had a hard time putting it down. The narrative is very straight forward and gives a fairly good look at everyone and everything that is happening on the Island. The story is told with multiple points of view so that you do not get just one side of the story.

CoCo Jeffres is taking a trip to Mystic Isle with her four coven mates in order to get her mojo back after getting out of a bad relationship. Coco is looking for some good sex and validation that she is still a sexy vampiress after Dimitri. CoCo’s friends are an interesting mix, her best friend is Izzy who has a particular dislike of werewolves and expects her friends to follow suit. Grayson West is a werewolf who has gone to Mystic Isle because he is about to go out on another mission and wants to have some female company before he enters the jungle, or desert or wherever he may end up.

Mystic Isle is the place paranormals go to play and have sexual encounters without consequence. CoCo and Grayson run into each other, the last time they saw each other was on a battlefield 100 years ago as enemies. Even as supposed enemies there was something between them that they could not name. When they see each other it all comes back, but they are not sure what it is or what to do about it. Can enemies become lovers?

Okay, once again Christmas is only alluded to in the story and is not an integral part of it. It seems to be more for the use of the mistletoe. I do have to date my self a little bit though because Latham seems very much like Mr. Roarke on Fantasy Island in how he handles his guests. I totally enjoyed this though, a very hot wolf, a sexy vamp, and a setting that made it all the more romantic in the end. I think anyone would enjoy this!

Sex, sand, and sun were the reason she and her four closest coven-mates booked this trip. Well, maybe not sun. The moon would have to do.


Holiday Submission


Holiday Submission (Hot Alpha Billionaire)

This is the second book I have read by Marilyn Lakewood and I love the way she writes her scenes. They are so real to life and make me feel like I am a part of the action as it occurs. This is not about the holiday per se but takes place during the Christmas season and adds to the fantasy that is being played out. I was into the story from the first page and stayed glued until the last page.

Caro Anderson has come to England for a short term design job but her friend knows of a service that puts together Doms and subs. Caro has been looking for the Dom who can take her to extremes but who can be trusted as well. She has had some less than good experiences since she started her search but continues to hope that her perfect dominant exists out there. Rhys Devlin has been looking for a submissive with the same appetite he has. He wants to have more than the body of a woman, he also would want her heart. Rhys thinks he may have found his perfect match if only he can get her to safeword before their weekend together comes to a close.

I did not really learn anything deep about either of the characters but I still felt like they were people I would be willing to get to know better. I do have a total fascination for BDSM and the stories, especially good ones, always make me even more interested. I wanted more, the ending was so abrupt and I wanted it to continue for a little longer. That for me is the sign of a good book, when you don’t want it to end because you want to follow the characters further. This has some serious bondage with whips and other tools which might be offensive to some. If you have no problem with hot sex and a dominant male then this is for you. I loved it!

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
“Why did you start looking for a Dom?” “A vanilla lover couldn’t give me the extremes.” “Yet no Dom has won you. Why?” “I haven’t found a Dom who will give me the extremes, Sir.” “I want the truth, Caro.” “You’re right. I’ve found some extremes, but not the right kind. Not the right Dom.” “Why, Caro? What was missing in them?” “Judgment, honor, gallantry. There’s a huge difference between a consensual sadist in the BDSM lifestyle, and a complete sadist. To me, a male who just likes to hurt things and has no compassion is a complete sadist, and less than a man. A male who consensually torments a woman to heighten lovemaking and bring them pleasure—a man who cares for her—is a true Dom, and the most desirable kind of man.”
Marilyn Lakewood, Holiday Submission