Chasing Werewolves

Chasing Werewolves

by Leigh Jones

I liked the ideas behind the story and I enjoyed the story itself for the most part. This is an under short story so you expect that a lot goes unsaid, but because of that fact you have to make sure that the structure is totally coherent. There were quite a few sentences that I could not decipher and so had no idea what it was supposed to mean. The characters were bare bones but I got an idea of who they were and maybe who they would become.

Gretchen is a quiet woman leading a relatively quiet life when she becomes the object of a werewolves attention. Her life is going to change in ways she never expected.

Worth reading.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


A Dark and Sure Descent

a dark and sure descentA Dark and Sure Descent: Being a True Account of the Long Island Outbreak
by Saul W. Tanpepper


While this did not grab me right out the box the story did still finally grab me. The main problem was that the characters were not very likeable or well thought out really. Cassie is cold and unfeeling to both her husband and child, Ramon is wrapped up in his work and does not give enough to his wife and child, the kid was just there for sympathy it seemed to me. Though the main characters were not all that great, the story itself was what won me over. There was enough happening that I did not really care that much about them, even if I did pay attention to what they did.

In the summer of 2030 the government started the roll out of the Stream, a new digital network, which is pegged to replace the internet on Long Island. They are also using the Omegamen to help set up the hardware for this endeavor. With all this happening outside Lyssa and Ramon Stemple have started new research at their lab that somehow manages to land them in the middle of a murder investigation that morphs into the deaths being linked to a new virus sweeping Long Island. Their tiny lab is said to be ground zero for the infection and even though they know its not true, the government is selling it to the masses.

The biomedical disaster that changes the world does not begin with a bang but with a bite.

I do have to qualify some of my animosity to the characters by saying that of the reason I feel so strongly about them is the fact that are written very well. But it is always better if you like the characters so that you can be more vested in whether or not they survive. The fact that I did not like them just means that other things had to keep me interested in the story because they did not. I also found the book to be overly long, it could have been wrapped up in half the time if some of the extraneous stuff had been cut out. I also found the ending to be a bit abrupt, even though it was being used to tell the story of how things started after the fact.

We get an interesting story of government conspiracy, corporate intrigue, biomedical thriller, and family drama. I would recommend this even if you have not read from the beginning. This gives you an idea of where the story will take you.


My rating: 4.25 of 5 stars


A hand reached up out of the darkness, followed by a masked head and shoulders. The coveralls pulled tight against the man’s shoulder, as if snagged on something inside the hole, so that a larger slice of skin was now exposed. Clearly visible on his neck was a wide gash. Lyssa gasped. But the snagged shirt came free and covered it up again and suddenly she wasn’t sure she’d seen what she thought she had. It could’ve been dirt or oil. In fact, it was most likely to be that. The liquid dripping down his shoulder was thick and black. It hadn’t looked anything like blood at all. “They’re not dead, honey. Don’t think that.”


Mile 81

mile 81Mile 81
by Stephen King


As short stories go this was a good one. The action takes a short time to start and though you don’t get e chance to get to know the characters well you still like them. This is more like the King I have always loved then some of his more recent endeavors.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars



Pride and Prejudice and Zombies


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies #1)

I am going to be completely honest here. I have never read Jane Austen and never had the least inclination to read any of the great women authors of the Victorian era. The only thing that got me to read this  was the fact that there were zombies involved and I wanted to see how that played out against this purported great piece of literature. OK, going to admit I kind of liked the story, but still have to say that the zombies made it more interesting than the mating habits of the rich and annoying. I liked the characters and how they interacted with each other and their environment so not bad at all. The illustrations throughout the novel also give it an extra appeal.

Mr. Bennet wants to see his daughters survive the dreadfulls who have invaded their country and so teaches them to fight with sword, musket, and hand. Their mother on the other hand only wishes for them to be married to a rich man and to stop all their unladylike activities. Elizabeth and Jane are the eldest of five girls and the most dedicated to serving King and country through their efforts as warriors against the undead scourge. The three younger girls tend to be more like their mother, though they can at least protect themselves. When eligible young men come to their part of the world Mrs. Bennet starts to scheme to marry them off.

Anyone who has read Pride and Prejudice knows the story and so it is not needed to really go through it. I would recommend this to zombie lovers and lovers of the classics. Not really gory but still good.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars



Old Blood

old blood

Old Blood (Experiment in Terror #5.5)

This is not a stand alone novella, if you have not read books 1-5 do not start here.

The story of Creepy Clown Lady, Pippa, is not a completely happy one. She starts her tale when she was a little girl right up to her death and beyond. You find out why she approached Perry the way that she did and why. What her relationship was with Dex and how she knew about him. You also get an insight into Ingrid, Perry’s mother, who watches her daughter with worry and fear.

I felt so much for her while at the same time wondering how she could make some of the decisions that she did. This short tale allows us to see how the previous novels come together. Pippa has been a prominent character throughout and we find out why she has made it her mission to bring Dex and Perry together, maybe to find the happiness she never did.

A good fast read that will make you feel for this lonely woman who only wanted to be loved.



My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Alive In A Dead World/Till Death Do Us Part

alive in a dead world

Alive In A Dead World (Zombie Fallout #5)

I love these books. I find my self liking the characters and hating to see anything bad happen to them. The lose of Paul, though a side character was traumatic. BT is a great guy and I hope to see more of him. Looking forward to seeing Mike again and getting back at Eliza for being such a monumental *B—ch.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
til death do us part

‘Till Death Do Us Part (Zombie Fallout #6)

I loved this! You get more background on everyone and get to see them all grow and learn to survive in such hostile circumstances. The Talbots may be a bit crazy, but they are what family is all about.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Mall


The Mall

There is a lot going on in this novel and it made for a hard read because of it. Its like everything was being thrown in to make it more interesting but what it did was keep me confused. There is science fiction with an automated Mall with robots and a central intelligence running things. Then we have a revisionist history which has figures alive and kicking who died in the original timeline, a paranormal leaning with psychic individuals and ghosts running around. With all of this I was still actually kind of bored while reading it. I never really felt anything much for any of the characters, though I did want them to survive if only because they were children. The mother was kind of unsympathetic and annoying for the most part. It felt like it was to long and could have been concluded sooner.

Lara is the mother of two children, Cora and Owen, the widow of Ben and not a great planner at all. She has been evicted from her home and finds herself homeless with her children and no backup plan. Lara is going to the one person she hoped not to have to ask for help, her mother-in-law who blames her for the death of her son. She lives in the residential section of the Mall, Lara hopes that she will allow the children to stay with her until she can make arrangements for a new place to live. But she wants to take the children and to brand Lara an unfit mother, so she leaves and decides to stay in the Mall.

Owen is ten years old and blames his mother for everything and anything. When she falls asleep in the movie he decides to sneak off and do something he wants, even though he is leaving his sister as well. Not surprisingly there is a power outage and he is cut off from his family, a killer is roaming the Mall, the robots are all offline, and Lara is panicking. There is an evil presence in the Mall and reuniting is more difficult than anyone could have expected.

When I read the blurb I was really excited about reading this book because it sounded good. I am not quite so enthusiastic about it now. It took me 8 days to read a book that should have only taken me three at the outside. This did not work for me but maybe it will for someone else. Just to much going on and not enough action or scares to keep me engaged. I finished it because I do not like to quit and find that I missed something.

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars