Dead Witch Walking

Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, #1)
Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows #1)
byKim Harrison( Author), Marguerite Gavin(Narrator)


This was my second reading of this book and I enjoyed it a great deal but found some things that I thought were perfect the first time not so perfect this time. The characters are well defined but still seem a little one note in their reactions sometimes. The story is still very interesting and gets you acquainted with a number of the principles in the Hollows and outside who we will see later. It is told mainly from Rachel’s view point which works, but do wish it could have branched out.

Rachel Morgan is a runner for Inderlander Security but feels that she is being under used and resents it. When an opportunity presents itself she decides that leaving her job would be the best thing to do. What she does not expect is for Jenks, a pixie, and Ivy, a living vampire, to jump ship with her. What she expects even less is to find herself under a death threat from the agency since they wanted her to quit, they just didn’t expect her to take their best runner with her. Now she must find a way to stay alive, live with a vampire who is going cold turkey off blood, and a pixie and his family.

Good start to a series that gets better and better as it goes along.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars




Slade (Tales of the Were: The Others #2)

I really love the Tales of Were series and am always glad to get a chance to get back to it. It took me longer than usual to read but that is no reflection on the writing or the story being told. The characters are interesting and help to push the story forward because you believe in them. The attraction between the mains is believable if you give yourself over to the concept of fated mates and not just love/lust at first sight. The language is pitch perfect because you know they talk like you would expect someone from their part of the country to speak. Everything that happens helps to further the bigger story that plays in the background about the evil that is trying to surface.

Kate is a priestess of the Lady who has come to live in the territory of the Redstone Clan and been welcomed by their matriarch. While welcoming the Sun one morning she feels a great evil close by that shatters the hearts of the Redstone brothers. When their mother is killed they go all out to find the culprit and in their grief could expose all shifters to humans.

Slade does security for the Lords and other special assignments as needed. He is sent by Rafe and Tim to Nevada to make sure that Griffon Redstone and his brothers do not expose them all. Slade has secrets which he has kept even from the Lords which he shares with Grif in order to get him to trust him. When he meets Kate the assignment takes on a whole new dimension for the usually loner cat.

I loved the heat level since it built up before they got to indulge in anything physical. The romance is sweet and Slade is good kitty to have around the house. Kate is a strong woman who can hold her own even though she has had a hard life. Everything to love and nothing to hate here. Enjoy it!

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
“Slade lowered his head to kiss her lips once, very gently. “They will love you because you’re the only woman in the world who can complete me. They will love your kind heart and gentle ways. Your fierce courage and Goddess-given magic. How could they not, when I love you with all my being? They’ll see what I see when I look at you.” He kissed her again, this time with more passion. “They will see a bright and loving future for not only us, but for the Clan. Great-grandmother will especially love the fact that you are a priestess.” “I hope you’re right.” She bit her lip nervously, but Slade kissed her again, taking her lip between his own teeth for a quick, painless nip before letting her go again. “Trust me, kitten. I know them as well as I know myself. Eventually, you will too. Snowcats live a very long time. You’ll have centuries to get used to them.”
Bianca D’Arc, Slade

Nice Girls Don’t Sign A Lease Without A Wedding


Nice Girls Don’t Sign a Lease Without a Wedding Ring (Jane Jameson #3.5)

It was super short but a really nice piece anyway. The perfect way to check in with the characters and see what they have been up to.
The story can be found on the author’s blog.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Christmas Healing


Christmas Healing (Healing The Regime #1)

This was a very moving story that brought together two people who would seem to have nothing in common. I felt for Annalise from the beginning because she was such a fighter who never let her situation get her down. Her character was so clear from the beginning and once I started reading it was hard to stop. The other characters were also well defined and easy to know and like as individuals from the first one introduced to the last. The narrative flowed naturally from beginning to end and kept the story moving.

Arthur Bugresson has been asleep for 1000 years while his brothers have been conducting the business of the family. Only Brock, the youngest also went to sleep, and then only for 100 years. His family are Initials, the line from which all vampires have come to be and so he and his brothers are the King and princes of the vampire empire. When Arthur awakens suddenly he will need to be brought up to speed on the modern world and so his brother finds him a cultural tutor.

Annalise had been a popular girl whose  friends did not realize was poor and mostly lived on her own when her parents went away on business. When she became ill with leukemia and was unable to pay for her treatment she was saved by an unlikely source, a vampire doctor. The doctor made a deal to treat her and pay her a salary for helping to bring his family into the 21st century. It was working well for them all. Then the King decided to take her away to help with his brother. Was she going to be able to help or would she die.

This was so much better than I had anticipated. I thought it was going to be some drivel about a teenager who is self centered or something. This was a sweet, sentimental, moving story about two people who seem to have nothing in common that find each other even in the face of tragedy. So worth the time!

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m Dreaming of an Undead Christmas


I’m Dreaming of an Undead Christmas (Half-Moon Hollow #2.7)

by Molly Harper (Author), Amanda Ronconi (Narrator)
I am always happy to take a trip to Half Moon Hollow and get a chance to visit with my favorite vampires. Amanda Ronconi does a fabulous job of bringing the denizens of this small southern city to life whether they be male or female. The story is always good and entertaining so that you can find something interesting even in such a short story as this. These are not all characters that I know very well because they are from another set of novels but Jane and friends are present since it is set in the same town.

Gigi Scanlon is coming home from college for the holidays for the first time since her older sister has been turned. Her sister Iris is afraid that she will not be able to control her blood-lust and so has as many vampires as possible on hand. Jane along with her husband Gabriel as well as Dick Cheney and Andrea are on hand for the festivities that Iris has planned to make her sisters Christmas as human friendly as possible.

But Gigi has a lot on her mind because she has been offered a job by the vampire council, she wants to break up with her safe boyfriend, and it seems she is being followed by a very handsome vampire. Any of these things could be a problem but having to tell her sister and over protective father figure is not something she wants to deal with. But the season has a way of making things go better.

As usual a fun read that had me laughing out loud at the antics of these characters. Make sure to hit the last chapter because you will find recipes for some sweet treats of the season. Highly recommend!

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Wolf Who Stole Christmas


The Wolf Who Stole Christmas (Xmas Tales – Legendary Lovers)

This is a short and sweet novella with just a hint of the erotic. The story progresses swiftly but does not lack a plot that involves and pulls you in. The characters are actually very well realized in a short period of time and make you feel what they are feeling. The dialogue is good and keeps the story moving forward. There are a few problems with words being wrong or grammar, but it is minor and does not take anything away from the story.

Holly is the only daughter of Santa and Mrs Claus. She has eyes only for their engineer, a wolf shifter named Furio, who is very tightly wound and does not seem to be interested in her. Then there is Jack Frost who has made no bones about his interest in Holly and with the blessing of her family who think he would be a great catch. Furio has a troubled past and does not think he is good enough for Holly, but he does want her, even if she cannot see it.

This is a very nice addition to a holiday reading list.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars