Midnight Rising

Midnight Rising
(Midnight Breed #4)
by Lara Adrian (Goodreads Author)

This is finally Rio’s story. Rio was betrayed by the one person he would never see it coming from and it left him completely devastated. I was feeling so much for Rio from the time he got injured and all through his rehab that I was so happy to see him seeming to come out of his funk.

This is another great entry in the saga of the Breed Warriors and the mates who find them when they need them most. The story takes up a short time after the end of Midnight Awakening and continues in a way that makes it perfectly clear what is happening. The language is just what is expected from the varied characters as they have been introduced. The story is told from multiple points of view allowing you to get the full picture without wondering how the information came to be. Most of the characters are already well established with personalities that let you know who they are right away. The new characters also come out of the gate with full blown personalities which make it easy to see who they are and what they will be to the overall story line.

Rio stays in Prague after the other Breed Warriors return to Boston telling them he will destroy the cave which had been used as a stasis chamber. But months later and it still stands and he has become to weak to do anything. Dylan is on vacation with friends of her mother when she sees the ghost of a woman who leads her to Rio and asks for her help to save him. A new villain rises to take the place of the one thwarted and he has plans that will devastate not only the world of the Breed but that of the humans who have no idea what lies just outside their safe world.

There is some good action scenes along with a romance that is hard fought to exist.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

He had let Eva down and he knew it. But she had paid him back in spades. Her betrayal had rattled him on a soul-deep level. It had made him question everything, including why the hell he should be taking up precious space in this world.


Untamed Magick

Untamed Magick
(Pentacles of Magick #1)
by Eliza Gayle

Having never read this author before I was pleasantly surprised that it was as good as I had hoped. This was a very quick and enjoyable read that caught my attention from the first page. I found the characters to be interesting and able to elicit emotion for their plight even while making this very hot. The way they interacted with each other was perfect for what was going on in their world, though there should have been more conflict. Once I started, I could not put it down and read it right through the night.

Anger,greed, and lust, all luring them to the evil potential of their magick.

The Scott family has lived under a curse/prophesy for centuries which tells of the destruction of the entire family. Two sets of twins each holding a magick which could corrupt and kill them all, they can never stay together for any extended period of time. It is said that a woman will be their eventual downfall and every man is wary any new woman coming into their lives.

Graelen Scott is rich, handsome, and a witch, he hides in his house wondering if he will ever be able to save himself and his brothers from the prophesy. Every day he fights the pull of the dark magick within him and he can feel himself weakening. Rena Gallagher is a researcher and historian at the Museum of Art History in San Diego, she also happens to be an empath. Rena has come into possession of Tarot cards which have been in the Scott family for generations and has come to Graelen to get answers she cannot find on her own, what she does not know is that they were stolen. Though she may hold his destruction Graelen is instantly drawn to Rena and she to him, and maybe the prophesy was wrong and she can be his salvation.

This book contains untamed desire, untamed rage, and of course untamed magick. Loved it and will be going on in this series.

* I listened to this for my second reading and it was a nice experience. Though I found the narrator to be good at giving voice to the characters she sometimes came off as just sounding like she was going for sultry. Still well worth the time.

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Four male witches born every other generation. Two sets of twins bound to carry The Power through the family line, if they could avoid the seductive call of the darkness every time they used their powers. The combined power of the four would be unlike any other, but the cravings created from using their magick would darken their souls piece by piece until the ability to tell right from wrong would disappear, and the magick would quickly destroy their life forces.

Moon Child

Moon Child
(Vampire for Hire #4)
by J.R. Rain

Samantha Moon and her family and friends just continue to keep my attention no matter what they are doing. The story continues from the point it ended in the last book seamlessly.The characters are continuing to grow and become more well defined as to who they are and where they stand within this world. The locations are familiar and allow you to feel like you are truly a part of things as they happen.

Samantha has a hard decision to make and is not sure how she should move forward. Her seven year old son is dying and there is nothing the doctors can do, but she may be able to save him. If she does she is able to she may be giving up her own chance at becoming mortal again. What she finds out soon is that someone else wants her artifact in order to end their own immortality and he will do anything to get it.

Definitely recommend to fans of Samantha Moon series and anyone looking for something a little light with bite.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Danny was there, sleeping. He was sitting in one of the wooden chairs at the foot of the bed. His head had flopped back and he was snoring loudly up at the heavens. Probably irritating the hell out of God. One thing I didn’t miss from living with the man was all his damn snoring. Well, that and the cheating.


(Vampire Awakenings #5)
by Brenda K. Davies

I have been reading this series since the first book and have loved every one of them. This one literally grabbed me with the first sentence and I could not put it down until I had gotten to the end. I am not even sure what it was about this that had me so captivated but it was something that I want to experience again. The characters were so vivid and alive that I could see what was happening to them every step of the way. The situations were plausible and did not seem so fantastic that they were totally unbelievable. It flowed perfectly and kept you engrossed and sunk into the world that was being built around you.

Abby Byrne has been warned about Brian Foley by her family, saying he is dangerous and a monster. But when they find themselves in trouble and need someone who knows how to kill they call on him. Well this time Abby needs his help and does not want to tell her family what is going on. Her twin sister, Vicky, has gone missing and she needs someone who can help find her without alarming her parents or siblings.

There is another thing between her and Brian that she had hoped to avoid for a few more years if at all possible. The first and only time she had seen him was in a hotel room when she was fifteen and he was saving her and her sister from a killer, that he had led to her family. But after that night she could not get him out of her mind and dreamed about him for years. She really hopes that it doesn’t mean what she fears it might.

This was a story that will be really enjoyed by those who have read the previous stories, especially since you do get to check in with some of the other family members. I highly recommend this series and this book. There is some violence, sex, mutilations, and drug use.

**Tavia Gilbert is a great narrator who continues to bring the characters in these novels to life.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Humans know they face death every day, yet they bravely go out into the world. They smile, laugh, and love all while knowing it could be over in the next instant. We’re immortal and yet they’re a far more resilient species. I mean, how is it possible to live so much while knowing death is the only end they will have?”

A Caress of Twilight

A Caress of Twilight
(Merry Gentry #2)
by Laurell K. Hamilton (Goodreads Author),
Laural Merlington (Narrator)

This was a perfect entry in the story as it has progressed so far. The writing continues to develope the characters and bring them more fully into the light. I love this series just as much as I do the Anita Blake series. They are somewhat similar with multiple male characters who are a part of the romantic life of the lone female. But vampires and faeries are two totally different types of mythological creatures.

Meredith and her men return to Los Angeles and all go to work for the Grey detective agency. With the addition of real Sidhe warriors to the company business picks up in a big way. Merry is asked to the scene of a murder by Detective Lucy of the LAPD because she does not think that it is a simple slaying. After seeing what happened though Merry does not know what happened Rhys has seen more and tells Merry what killed them is bad and he knows the spell from a long time ago.

Merry has also been summoned by a Sidhe living in exile who has a request to make of Merry in her capacity as the descendant of fertility goddesses. Merry wants to know why she was exiled from the Seelie Court by Taranis before she agrees to help her since she is already risking her life and that of her men by even being around her. What she learns brings death to a lot of people and them scrambling to find a solution.

Reading it the first time took me away and made me fall completely under the spell of the story. This narrator does the same thing only I feel even more because she really does make it seem even more real. Great book!

A Kiss of Shadows

a kiss of shadowsA Kiss of Shadows

(Merry Gentry #1)
by Laurell K. Hamilton


This was my second reading of this book and I am going to go back and read all those that came after. I loved it the first time and this time was just more of the same. The characters are all so individualized that you have something/someone new when they are introduced. The story is outside the norm which makes it perfect the genre that it is being written for. The style and language flow effortlessly off the page keeping you turning, wanting to take in just a little more even when you know you should stop.

Merry Gentry is much more than she has told her boss at the Grey Detective agency. He believes her to be just a human with fey in her ancestry, what he does not know is she is a Princess of faerie a hiding out with him. Meredith Nic Essus has been away from her home for three years because of attempts on her life after the death of her father. She is not a pure fey and that rankles her aunt, the Queen, who allows the attempts on a royal. But things have changed at home and they want her back home. But what exactly do they have planned for her now that she no longer has a death sentence hanging over her head? Merry is homesick enough to go find out.

This is a very nice beginning to a series that is urban fantasy with a bite. It can be very hot in some places but nothing to out there. I think it would be liked by a lot of people. If you have read the Anita Blake series then this one could become another favorite.



My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Men don’t settle down because of the right woman. They settle down because they are finally ready for it. Whatever woman they’re dating when they get ready is the one they settle down with, not necessarily the best one or the prettiest, just the one who happened to be on hand when the time got to be right. Unromantic, but still true.”
― Laurell K. Hamilton, A Kiss of Shadows



The Good, The Bad, and The Undead

the good,the bad, and the undeadThe Good, the Bad, and the Undead (The Hollows #2)
by Kim Harrison (Goodreads Author), Marquerite Gavin (Narrator)

I read this book about 6 years ago for the first time and thought it was one of the best thing I had ever read. I still think it is a great read but after listening to it closer I found some things that I did not see the first time. The characters are great, sometimes almost to good because I had a hard time liking some of them because of the way they were portrayed. The setting is of course fine since it is a real American city.

I did not like Rachel so much after this listen mainly because she came off as being very judgmental, overly confident, not a good friend, naïve, and a host of other things that are not flattering. But she does redeem herself by the end of the book.

Ley line witches are being killed and Rachel has decided that Trent Kalamack is the killer and no one else. The FIB calls her in to help them since it is an inderlander case and they want to get a first crack at it. The problem is that even though they have a suspect Rachel has her own agenda and does not want to follow the lead of the agent in charge of the case. Because of this Rachel finds herself once again in danger and not sure where the bullet might come from.

This is a very enjoyable series.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars