(Brides of the Kindred #13)

by Evangeline Anderson

I have been in love with this series since reading Claimed after getting it because it was free. The stories always make me feel like I am a part of what is going on. The introduction of each new couple brings something a little different to the mix while still allowing you to keep up with those who came before. The planets as well as the inhabitants are so imaginative and strange that they keep you coming back to see what will happen next.

Stavros Rii was in charge of the HKR building in Asheville and stayed on Earth after the declaration of war against the Kindred because two people, a Kindred warrior and his bride were not allowed back onto the Mother ship by Councilor Terex. Stavros has not and does not plan to claim a bride but feels that the war is stupid. He has left the remote cabin where they have been staying because he has a feeling that someone on the mother ship is trying to contact him. He just wants to get to the HKR and find out what is needed of him.

Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Sayers had been a detective with the Asheville PD when war was declared on the Kindred. She is more than happy to sign up with the special force that is formed to kick the big aliens off the planet or lock them up as war criminals. She has had a special hatred of the Kindred ever since tragedy struck her family because of the draft. After getting off work she spots and starts to follow Stavros hoping to take him into custody. What follows is more than she bargained for and brings into question her feelings against the Kindred.

Stavros and Charlie are definitely one of the hotter couples to grace the pages, maybe because they are both hurt and need each other so badly. I cannot help but feel that everyone should give this series a read because you are either going to love it or hate it. While there is always a level of sameness involved the characters are always great and the story entertaining. You just have to get started.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Why can I feel her? Is it just because I’ve never let a female drink from me before? He didn’t know. He only knew that Charlotte Sayers was different and special somehow. And judging from the horrified look she’d given him as she backed into the fresher, she was also scared to death right now. Even if she wasn’t, she was still completely off limits and out of his reach. That didn’t stop him from wanting her. With a low groan, he threw an arm across his eyes. What have I done? Oh Gods, what have I done and how can I ever undo it? *”

― Evangeline Anderson, Cursed



(Brides of the Kindred #12)

by Evangeline Anderson

I am always happy to enter the world of the Kindred because it is one that will usually take me on an intergalactic adventure with romance and danger. Have you you ever read a book that you loved, with characters you care about so much you could not stand the thought of something bad happening to them? I was not disappointed in any way by this one. The characters continue to be rich and approachable, the world building continues to fascinate and hold me. The stories are a bit predictable but that is not necessarily a bad thing at all, it just means that they have be written even better to compensate for that fact. In the case of these stories they are written perfectly and make me keep coming back for more.

Mei-Li Hastings is the daughter of Senator Hastings and has been dreaming of a Kindred who scares her because of the way he looks. She tells this to her father who goes and demands that his daughter not be claimed even though she is registered like all the eligible females on Earth, he wants special privileges.

Six is a Dark Kindred who has been Enhanced as is the way of the inhabitants of the planet on which he lives. Six is disturbed by the dreams partly because he does not understand what is going on. When he told, he does not plan on claiming her because it is something the Dark Kindred do not ever do, but he is ordered to do so by One. This claiming sets in motion things that will bring darkness to both the Earth and the Kindred.

This is another great story that takes us to the other side of the galaxy and back with some very hot scenes. I think that this is a great series and I look forward to the next entry. I highly recommend this series and this book.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“A strange, strong feeling came over her, prickling the skin on her arms and raising the short hairs at the back of her neck. Somehow she knew that if he left her, she could never love anyone else. She was his—Six had taken a piece of her soul and welded it permanently to his. Without him, she would never be whole again. Never”

― Evangeline Anderson, Enhanced


These first chapters have just wet my appetite for more. Once you meet Grab and Leah you know they are perfect for each other, now they just need to figure it out. Take a look and find yourself hooked on their story. Love the Alien Mate Index!

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This second book in the Alien Mate Index is just as great as the first book. Having met the big blue guy in the first book you knew it was going to be an interesting ride when he got off on his own. The characters continue to be fun and interesting as they take you along on their various missions.The story while centering around a couple still manages to give you more than just their drama by incorporating various subplots that keeps things from getting stale. The language is perfect because you know they cannot be speaking English all the time but the phrases are so right that you really don’t care. The main thing is that the backgrounds of the characters and that of each new race that is introduced gives you more depth and insight into what and who they all are.

Gravex N’gol is a murderer and escaped convict but he also a protector of females who would give his life to protect theirs. When he is given the task of going to Earth and making sure that Zoe’s friends are alright and to give them a message from her, he is more than happy to do it. While checking on them he becomes enamored with Leah, who is living in a bad situation but embodies everything Grav finds attractive. When he sees her being abused it is more than he can stand so he goes to her rescue and so starts an adventure he had not planned on.

Leah lost her friend Zoe under mysterious circumstances that had her and Charlotte using every avenue possible to find her. When they found nothing she lost her friend Charlotte as well when she moved away to grieve her loss alone. Leah marries her boyfriend who promptly moves her away from her family where he can do what he wishes without interference. When he goes to far one night Leah is surprised to be rescued by a stranger who just appears in her home. This stranger delivers news that her friend is alive and well, he is also willing to take her to her. She leaves because it is the best course though she cannot see what will happen as she travels so far from home.

I love Evangeline Anderson and the imagination that can deliver such great aliens and worlds so strange you cannot help but be pulled into them. This has everything you could hope for when traveling the galaxy, evil computer programs bent on domination, alien females with murder on their minds, palace intrigue, and much more. I totally recommend this to anyone who loves sexy aliens who can stoke a fire like nobody else. I would love my own if it were possible.

** Listening is an experience that everyone should have in regard to their favorite books and authors. I enjoyed this just as much or maybe even more than the first time I read it for myself, the only slight drawback is William Martin who sounds a bit the same when doing the male alien voices. They come off a little monotone, though I know its an inner dialogue that does not mean it has to be so bland. He does however do well when it is a conversation between the characters. As for the female half, Mackenzie Cartwright brings life and light to all the characters, including the male ones. Still very recommended by me.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Let me tell you, if you’ve never run flat out for your life with an Imperial Guard thrown over your shoulder, well, I don’t recommend it. There are easier ways to get your cardio in.

Dusk to Dust

Dusk to Dust: Something to live for. Something to die for…

by Adrian Felder

I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I was not pulled into this story as evidenced by the fact that it took me almost a month to read it. Regardless of that I was still interested enough to keep coming back to read more of what was happening. The characters never fully jelled for me though I found myself rooting for them none the less. They seemed a little superficial without any real character traits you could grab onto that would make you really like or hate them, they were just the good guys or the bad guys. There are some grammatical, spelling, and word usage errors which can be distracting.

David Carpenter and Alana Ramirez are ex-Marines who have gone into the smuggling business since being separated from service. They have managed to make a fairly nice living off of their illegal activities though both are honorable people who have had no other choice. Now David has taken a job from Windcorp, a shady corporation operating on the planet Prospect, for a job he has not been briefed on. When things start to go wrong even before they set foot planet side he should have known that this would not end well.

In order to save the galaxy David must find a way to get around the lies, deceit, and villainy which surrounds him to save his home and himself.

Overall this was not a disappointment it just did not really ring the bell for me. I love science fiction and the planet was really the most interesting thing for me, with instances where the characters did something really great. Though it did not pull me in that does not mean it will not work better for someone else.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Abducted-Part 1

abducted part 1Abducted Part 1: Through the Looking Glass
(Alien Mate Index .5)
by Evangeline Anderson



I was pulled into this story right from the beginning. I was happy to see what this new series is going to be like and it looks like another fun trip through space. The characters start out strong and continue to build in the short span of the story. The language is perfect and conveys everything from the emotions to the locale in vivid detail.

Zoe McKinley is living a normal boring life with a mundane job and a boss from hell, but things are about to change. Sarden sees Zoe on the Alien Mate Index (AMI), a type of interstellar mail order brides. He purchases her, which she has no idea about, and has her transported to the space station. Zoe is informed she will never go home and is being traded to some other alien. She will do whatever it takes to get back home. Sarden has plans to keep that from happening.

This was the perfect length to whet my appetite for the new series. I like Zoe, I like Sarden, I even like A.L., this is going to be a fun group. Definitely recommend.


My rating: 5 of 5 stars






Odyssey (The Academy #5)

This grabbed me and made me lose sleep over the past few days because I did not want to put it down. Jack McDevitt is a master of creating a world with people you cannot help but admire and situations that are tense and filled with anticipation.

I love this series along with all it’s permutations because each is a little different but essentially the same. In space you cannot know what to expect and this brings the idea home in a solid manner. The science is sometimes accurate and sometimes theorizing but always interesting. I had wanted to be an astronaut and when I read these books I can at least feel like I made it out there.

Read these books for the sheer joy of flying off into the black and being entertained.



My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


“Truth, beaten down, may well rise again. But there’s a reason it gets beaten down. Usually we don’t like it very much.”
Jack McDevitt, Odyssey



Starhawk (The Academy #7)

While I have loved riding with the Academy for years now, this was not my favorite adventure to date. This is a prequel which is about Priscilla ‘Hutch’ Hutchins and her first adventure after getting her pilots license and a job. It also is about the development of the Academy as an institution and the Wheel as the space port it needed to become in the future. These were the events that made her who she would later become, but it was not an easy read. The writing is fantastic as always and the characters are well developed and feel like friends more than just words on a page. The galaxy is vivid and I can see the relics left behind in my minds eye with no problem. It just did not have the same feel to it that I am used to having.

Priscilla’s training flight is not as uneventful as most usually are and she and Jake find themselves in the middle of a rescue. The rescue has to occur because of a radical who has placed a bomb on another ship which has blown up. There is a movement that feels the death of every life form on a planet in order to terraform is not acceptable and this is their way of protesting.

The theme throughout is about these individuals who are willing to do anything, including kill in order to save life on a far away planet while sacrificing human life. Priscilla makes a few flights but nothing very note worthy happens. I;m glad I read it because it is part of the story, but I just cannot totally recommend it except to those who have read the previous books.



My rating: 4 of 5 stars


When finally they got through, the first thing Priscilla saw was Josh, floating a foot or two above the deck, his wrist tied to a frame. They tried to revive him, although Priscilla thought it was probably a cruel thing to do. If they succeeded, he would only feel that he had to go through it again.





The Time Machine

The Time Machine

The Time Machine

by H.G. Wells, Bernard Mayes (Narrator)

I have seen all of the movie versions of this book and this is the first time I have read/listened to it. I enjoyed it as a kid watching it and I totally enjoyed this original reading. The story is totally a product of its time with phrasing that would not be used today to describe members of other ethnic groups and the way they viewed the world was so different. But the thought that in 1895 anyone could imagine not only a time machine but be looking to the future.

We meet the Eloi and Morlocks in the year 8271. The more human looking of the two have become nothing more than cattle to those who reside under the surface.

If you have only seen versions of this in cinematic form you will appreciate getting a feel of what was intended.

The Andromeda Strain


The Andromeda Strain

I have found a book I liked less than the movie adaptation. The book was good but I found it to be bogged down with things that did not seem important to the story really, though the added detail was good. This was a purely male story with women present in support roles like nurse or secretary. It was definitely written during a time when women and people of color would not have been represented as being intelligent and able to contribute. The characters were well defined for the most part, though they could have been fleshed out a bit more. I saw both movie versions, but I preferred the 70’s version better without all the fancy special effects. The fact that they made one of the scientist a woman and the nurse was a black woman, it made it more in keeping with the times really. This book worked better visually than it does on the page for me.

A space probe falls back to earth and lands near a small town. The inhabitants find it and instead of calling the government decide it is a good idea to open it up. What they get for their lack of intelligence is death for them all, all except two souls who are far apart in age and lifestyle survive. Four scientist have been assigned to Wildfire to track and find a cure for something that has never been seen on this planet. It kills fast and silently in most cases not giving them time to even say goodbye.

I did like the book and think that it should be read because it does give you some more background if you have seen the movies.  

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Mall


The Mall

There is a lot going on in this novel and it made for a hard read because of it. Its like everything was being thrown in to make it more interesting but what it did was keep me confused. There is science fiction with an automated Mall with robots and a central intelligence running things. Then we have a revisionist history which has figures alive and kicking who died in the original timeline, a paranormal leaning with psychic individuals and ghosts running around. With all of this I was still actually kind of bored while reading it. I never really felt anything much for any of the characters, though I did want them to survive if only because they were children. The mother was kind of unsympathetic and annoying for the most part. It felt like it was to long and could have been concluded sooner.

Lara is the mother of two children, Cora and Owen, the widow of Ben and not a great planner at all. She has been evicted from her home and finds herself homeless with her children and no backup plan. Lara is going to the one person she hoped not to have to ask for help, her mother-in-law who blames her for the death of her son. She lives in the residential section of the Mall, Lara hopes that she will allow the children to stay with her until she can make arrangements for a new place to live. But she wants to take the children and to brand Lara an unfit mother, so she leaves and decides to stay in the Mall.

Owen is ten years old and blames his mother for everything and anything. When she falls asleep in the movie he decides to sneak off and do something he wants, even though he is leaving his sister as well. Not surprisingly there is a power outage and he is cut off from his family, a killer is roaming the Mall, the robots are all offline, and Lara is panicking. There is an evil presence in the Mall and reuniting is more difficult than anyone could have expected.

When I read the blurb I was really excited about reading this book because it sounded good. I am not quite so enthusiastic about it now. It took me 8 days to read a book that should have only taken me three at the outside. This did not work for me but maybe it will for someone else. Just to much going on and not enough action or scares to keep me engaged. I finished it because I do not like to quit and find that I missed something.

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars